Helping a global investment firm stabilise its RIM program


This multinational asset management organisation had just one person performing all the RIM support functions related to Box and Tape. Because of this, the organisation feared a potential "single point of failure." In the event this resource left the company, all existing knowledge of how things operated would be lost.

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Helping a Global Investment Firm Stabilize Its Rim Program | computer monitors with data


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This multinational asset management organization had just one person performing all the RIM support functions related to Box and Tape. Because of this, the organization feared a potential “single point of failure.” In the event this resource left the company, all existing knowledge of how things operated would be lost.


Iron Mountain Dedicated Professional Staffing


  • Impacted bottom line through consolidated vendor support
  • Ensured RIM program remained functioning and compliant
  • Maintained high level of legal hold and inventory search processes

As a multinational asset management organisation, there’s an expectation of operational excellence. However, this organisation experienced a staffing issue that impacted nearly every part of its daily operations— records and information management (RIM).

To provide the expertise and quality of service that it’s known for, the organisation needed to quickly remedy its records staffing and support issues.

Operational issues loom as in-house records staff dwindles

As a trusted organisation that’s been in business for decades, there’s not much room for error. Every day, tens of thousands of employees need access to records and information to support worldwide customer investments. So when this organisation’s RIM staff was reduced to one person, it needed to act swiftly.

Without a solution to its staffing challenges, operations would likely slow to a standstill. Additionally, it could result in catastrophic impacts for customers. Before these challenges could ripple across departments, the organisation searched for a solution to support its records and information operations until the proper internal team could be hired and trained.

Onsite dedicated staffing service steps in

Given its lack of a trained in-house RIM team, this organisation knew it needed quick onsite expertise. It already trusted Iron Mountain with its hard copy and tape storage, so when it came to RIM staffing issues, Iron Mountain was a natural fit because of its organisational knowledge of the firm’s inner workings.

At the onset of the engagement, Iron Mountain provided two dedicated records managers alternating shifts for a total of eight hours per week. Six months into the engagement, the organisation’s initial fear became a reality—the company’s only remaining in-house records manager decided to retire.

Upon this retirement news, Iron Mountain was able to step in to increase hours and provide an onsite senior records analyst working 20 hours per week. In total, there were three Iron Mountain records professionals assessing, upgrading, and maintaining the organisation’s records system. These staffing roles also provided support with user communications, records destruction, policy implementation, legal holds, and more.

Staying in compliance and streamlining operations with dedicated support

Over the course of the relationship with this customer, Iron Mountain has become a trusted partner. Our onsite expertise provided the necessary support to ensure the organisation maintained a successful RIM program.

Here are a few of the benefits this customer experienced:

  • Cost savings through consolidated vendor support
  • Support and resolution for vendor management questions
  • Monitored shared records and information mailbox
  • Completed customer record inquiry requests
  • Processed legal holds and inventories searches
  • Maintained RIM policy compliance

With Iron Mountain Dedicated Professional Staffing, you’ll have trained and screened RIM professionals working alongside you to implement and administer your program. With years of experience in best practices, policy management, and consistent implementation, Iron Mountain can help you achieve a compliant and effective RIM program.

Learn more about Dedicated Professional Staffing services from Iron Mountain.

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