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Learn more about secure data destruction and data protection, the value it holds for your business, and what Iron Mountain can do to boost your secure data destruction.

14 February 20247 mins
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When it comes to protecting your company’s data, you want a reliable partner who can get the job done the right way. Iron Mountain works not only to dispose of your data, but to do so in alignment with rigorous security and compliance standards.

Here, we’ll explore what benefits a more secure data destruction process holds for you and your business.

The Value of Secure Data Destruction

We know that your company’s data is one of the most important assets. It holds value to you, to your competitors — and to cyber criminals. From the time it is created until it is securely destroyed, data ought to be held securely within the right hands.

Without a secure data destruction service, sensitive, confidential documents and data — whether that found in a hard drive, in sensitive paper documents, physical records, or other forms of related resources — may become compromised, making your company vulnerable to cyberattacks and misplacement.

Such data destruction services ensure that the information is disposed of correctly and legally, adhering to regulatory standards. Through the correct disposal of data, security is enhanced, sustainability is improved, and your brand’s reputation ultimately benefits.


When IT equipment — whether a hard drive, document, sensitive paper documents, or other forms of related resources — isn’t disposed of correctly, it can damage a company's reputation, as well as its security. Iron Mountain’s secure IT hardware electronics recycling and disposition program can properly dispose of your retired electronic assets in a secure, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

With one of the most secure data sanitisation platforms, we ensure industry compliance and provide certified data sanitisation along with an audit-ready chain of custody for each serialised asset and device.

Learn more about how Iron Mountain helped a regional bank securely dispose of IT assets with our secure IT asset disposition.

Following Industry Compliance Standards

Not only is it important for your company's security to have the digital data and hardware disposed of correctly, but it may also be a matter of legal compliance, with each state having its own compliance standards that must be adhered to. These standards can be difficult to follow, as they update constantly.

Internal employees may not have the tools and resources to dispose of sensitive data optimally. This is where a third-party solution like Iron Mountain can come in and provide secure and efficient data disposal services.

Services Offered

Working with the right data disposal team can make a world of difference. Let’s take a look at some of the secure data destruction services that Iron Mountain offer.

IT Asset Remarketing

Our tools work to maximise the value of retired IT assets through refurbishment, data sanitisation, erasure and reselling at market price. Our technology has also reduced the total cost of ownership while maintaining security and sustainability requirements.

Media Destruction – Bulk or Serialised

When it comes to electronic media destruction, our flexible, proper secure destruction options include on-site or off-site capabilities: Data-bearing media and hard drives. Through our secure chain of custody, you can track your information assets as they are processed through each guarded checkpoint. This includes from pick up through to final processing and receiving an auditable certificate of destruction.

Your team will be able to run efficient disposition programs with our national and global footprint. With a wide reach operating a vast network across five continents, we have the capabilities to support your needs at any scale.

Verifiable Destruction

A certificate of data erasure and asset destruction is issued at the end of the process to prove your materials have been thoroughly broken down.

Secure ITAD for Enterprise Regardless of how large or small your enterprise is, finding the right partner to conduct secure IT asset disposition (ITAD) for businesses and organisations is crucial for maintaining data security, minimising environmental impact, and maximising value recovery. Here is an example of how enterprise-level secure document destruction works:

  1. Contact a Secure ITAD expert.
  2. Discover your ITAD project & requirements.
  3. Consultive project creation.
  4. Perform required services.
  5. Receive a certificate of destruction & recycling.

The Iron Mountain Advantage

Most IT teams are fully consumed by their “day jobs” which include setting up new employees’ computers, managing network security, deploying and supporting applications, and maintaining infrastructure. After this, there’s almost no time left to focus on best practices for IT asset disposition (ITAD). Inadequate attention dedicated to the proper disposition of IT assets leads to increased risks, including loss of control over confidential data, lack of compliance and impacted financial performance.

This is where Iron Mountain can step in, by providing secure shredding services and the proper destruction of physical records and digital assets alike, helping to drive business efficiency while upholding the vigilant management of your company's data.

Organisations place a high value on operational efficiency and maximum return on tech investments. For a more comprehensive verification of IT asset disposition efforts, we also provide:

  1. Settlement reports
  2. Certificates of erasure
  3. Certificates of secure shredding
  4. Monthly audit reports
  5. Certificates of recycling
  6. Environmental reports

What Sets Iron Mountain apart

Here are some quick stats that prove that Iron Mountain has the reliable tools available, but also has the experience to back it up.

  1. 8M: Pounds processed per year
  2. 32: Countries supported globally
  3. 650k: Assets processed per year
  4. 59: ITAD Processing facilities

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