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This independent statutory authority required to access tens of thousands of physical documents through various sites around Australia.

5 December 20198 mins
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The mission statement of this independent statutory authority is to promote a positive and collaborative safety culture. Innovation is an important tool to challenge existing processes and strive for continuous improvement.


The transition from physical to electronic registration documents left this government authority with a new challenge. The resulting hybrid system was costly and inefficient. Digitisation of physical files would provide a centralised system.


  • Back Scanning of Archived Documents
  • Document Content Capture
  • Secure Storage
  • Secure Destruction


  • Improved search capability that registration information can be accessed with only partial search criteria.
  • Rapid transition to the new model mitigated any downtime risks.


As an independent statutory authority, a primary function of this body is to issue licenses and registrations. Through consultative forums, feedback channels, educational efforts and promotional campaigns, it also engages with industry stakeholders to improve the regulatory framework of the sector.


The authority had recently transitioned from physical registration documents to electronic files. The resulting hybrid system was challenging to manage. Access to the tens of thousands of physical documents through various offices around Australia was cumbersome and inefficient. A dedicated records manager needed to navigate a labyrinth to retrieve requested legacy registrations.

The authority needed to be completely digital. This meant packing up all the records around Australia and moving them to a central point. Scanning and extensive data capture followed to transform each registration into a digital record.


Iron Mountain proposed a seamless transition. Enabled by our national footprint, the forms were packed at their various holding locations and transported to our secure processing facility. Each registration was tracked from collection to ultimate storage.

The next step was scanning which was to be tightly managed as each form had extensive data capture requirements.

Finally, the legacy records were stored in our secure facility or selected for secure destruction.


A digital portal that provides self-service access, fast visibility to critical information. Enhanced search capability access registrations even with only partial search criteria.

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