Global Risk Management Corporation: Deploying a circular approach to ITAD

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A multinational risk management corporation faces challenges in managing its IT infrastructure across 67 countries. Discover how our tailored solution improved data security, financial efficiency, and streamlined IT asset management processes.

11 March 20248 mins
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Transforming IT asset management for a global multinational risk management corporation

In the dynamic landscape of IT asset management, a prominent global multinational risk management corporation faced challenges in optimising collection, disposal, and maximising financial benefit for its extensive IT infrastructure spanning 67 countries. To address these complexities, a strategic approach was devised, incorporating secure collection, circular disposal practices, and meticulous refurbishment and repair strategies. This customer use case explores the tailored solution implemented for the corporation, emphasizing data security, financial impact, and the seamless execution of a circular IT asset management framework.



Collection strategy


Implemented a diversified collection approach across 67 countries.

Iron Mountain truck

Utilised in-house logistics for collection in countries where present.

diverse partnership

Collaborated with partner facilities and third-party logistics for efficient collection in other regions.

secure truck

Employed secure transport solutions for countries without a dedicated logistics fleet.

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Our strategies

Disposal and processing

  • Prioritised data security with on-site shredding and remote data erasure, before asset collection and transport, delivering a certificate of data destruction for each asset.
  • Initiated a standard remarketing approach, focusing on non-data-bearing assets.
  • Utilised Iron Mountain’s TerawareTM for data erasure, ensuring compliance with waste regulations and facilitating legal asset transfers.

Quantities and scope

  • Managed 4,073 servers across 156 locations in 67 countries globally.
  • Spanned major regions including the Americas, APAC, and Europe.

Financial impact

  • $70,000 of value recovery through the remarketing of non-data-bearing assets.

Refurbishment and repair

  • Incorporated refurbishment by reconfiguring servers through part replacement for resale.
  • Emphasised the repair process involving the replacement of individual components to enhance asset viability.



Residual value

  • Recovery processes maximised the asset value, optimising ROI.


Implementation approach

  • Appointed a dedicated Global Project Program Manager for seamless collaboration with the corporation’s team
  • Engaged with a customer team comprising a Global Manager, three Regional Managers, and 23 Country Managers.
  • Implemented portal access, weekly update calls, and utilised project management platforms for efficient project tracking.
  • Ensured transparency and communication throughout the implementation process.


This customer use case illustrates a successful IT asset management transformation, including collection, disposal, financial impact, refurbishment, repair, residual value, and a strategic approach for a global risk management corporation. The partnership demonstrates a transition towards circular IT asset practices, optimising processes and generating positive returns.