Iron Mountain Cultural Heritage and Archives solution

Iron Mountain Cultural Heritage and Archives solution

Digitise, preserve and share the past for the future

Legacy from the past at risk of being lost

Cultural heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to the future generations. Our cultural heritage resources and historical archives are both irreplaceable sources of life and, in some cases, inspiration. They represent our identity. Most cultural heritage assets and archives are very old, which makes them far more susceptible to damage from handling. Preserving them is critical to enable future generations to benefit from.

Preserve - Digitise - Share

Iron Mountain Cultural Heritage and Archives solution can help you:

  • Protect and preserve the past for the future: Our professional team can help your organisation to lay out a plan for the preservation of your one-of-a-kind collection or archive. By utilising our consultation, stabilisation, transportation and storage services we can partner with you to manage the end-to-end process with a secure chain of custody throughout.
  • Transform your physical collections: Highly accurate digital surrogates created by our team of experts to the highest International standards and guidelines, become the springboard for many new opportunities to expand your collection’s reach, globally, so that they can be accessed, managed, shared, reproduced, and even monetised.
  • Make the most of digital collections and archives: Once these valuable, cultural heritage assets are digitised, the sky is truly the limit for novel use cases. Digitisation is the basis for creating new, richly immersive experiences for your audiences, enabling them to engage with cultural heritage collections with unprecedented accessibility, all with zero risk to the physical asset’s condition.
Library archive

Niederösterreichisches Landesarchiv secures document preservation for posterity through digitization

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