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Iron Cloud Backup: Cloud Storage for Backup

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As Trusted Guardians, we will protect, preserve and manage your data assets, securing your past, current and future value.

You're under-staffed, under-resourced and under pressure to keep things up and running while helping your organisation achieve new business objectives. The rate of data growth is outpacing capacity, is more complex and disparate.

The cloud has enabled businesses to modernise IT operations and be more efficient. Organisations need flexible, on-demand capacity to store data, with end-to-end encryption and resiliency to secure business-critical assets, provide data assurance, and help meet compliance requirements. Deploying a reliable cloud backup has never been more vital.

Iron Cloud Backup by Iron Mountain Singapore provides the best-in-class protection of data while delivering a resilient, secure environment that will keep your business up and running – at a predictable cost. You can have a flexible cloud storage solution that manages the backup and recovery processes for your mission-critical data and systems, allowing your staff to focus on the business. Plus, the data is stored 220 feet underground in our fully managed secure and compliant data centres.

How does Iron Cloudtm Backup work?

Iron Cloud provides either nearline object storage or true ‘air-gap’ secure offline storage. For more information please contact us.

Iron Cloud Backup

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Backup and recovery

Keep your data secure and minimise downtime.
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Flexible recovery options

Choose from granular restore to rapid local failover
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Workload migration

Upgrade your hardware, virtualisation, switch hypervisors, or move to, from, and between clouds with near-sero downtime.
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Easy onboarding and dedicated customer support

Take advantage of a streamlined, turnkey solution.
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Broad platform support

Leverage deployment flexibility and advanced encryption technologies
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Broad platform support

Leverage deployment flexibility and advanced encryption technologies

Iron Cloud Data Replication

Iron Cloud Data Replication is a cost-effective, fully managed cloud-based data replication target to a secure data centre. This cloud backup solution utilises secure, high speed and reliable connectivity to replicate data offsite so it is protected, yet available for fast and efficient recovery, while reducing costs associated with legacy backup systems.

Iron Cloud Data Replication fully protects critical data by replicating it offsite to a fully managed, secure data centre. The data is available for fast, efficient recovery when you need it. For archive and extended retention needs, Iron Mountain Singapore can put your data on tape to be stored permanently.

Reduce time to recover

Iron Cloud Data Replication disk-based backup as part of your disaster recovery solution enables faster recovery, where you start your process at a recovery point that is near real-time – helping to meet tighter RPO and RTO requirements for critical business applications and data.

Reduce cost and burden associated with backup and recovery

Backing up to cloud storage provides a pricing structure tied to the data volume being protected, so you get a predictable operating expense subscription, and it’s scalable allowing you to expand without incurring the capital expense to do so. You’ll be able to eliminate your on-site tape infrastructure yet still take advantage of the cost savings attributed to tape for archiving purposes.

Minimise security risk

With Iron Mountain’s managed tape out service, you get a “gold copy” of your data that is securely stored offline and offsite in our data centre, insulating it from cyber-threats and inadvertent corruption.

Iron Cloud Backup for PCs

Eliminate the risk of data loss on pcs and laptops with automatic, secure and reliable cloud backup service.

It’s business critical: You need to protect the sensitive information stored on PCs, Mac® computers and laptops, especially those far outside the data centre. You want to prevent lost data, firefighting and painful recoveries that consume valuable IT resources. Desktop and laptop data loss kills your organisation’s productivity and takes valuable IT resource time from strategic initiatives that drive your business.

  • Iron Mountain’s backup solution can help ensure sensitive data on PC and laptops is backed up and protected with an automated process that is seamless to your users.
  • Have complete confidence that your organisation’s PC data is backed up automatically with a simple, secure and reliable solution - and that when the time comes, you can retrieve it quickly.
  • Reduce the burden of the desktop and laptop backup itself and the cycle time to recovery. Iron Mountain® ’s PC Backup can lighten your data protection burden and provide rapid recovery.

Why Iron Mountain Iron Cloud Backup?

Integrated and scalable

Deploy an all-encompassing backup and disaster recovery strategy using cloud storage for backup to manage and protect all of your mission critical data.

Cost effective

Drive down cost and overhead with an elastic, pay-as- you- go service, while ensuring you can access data anywhere, at any time, by backing up and storing vital data in the cloud.


No longer manage additional sites for replication and disaster recovery purposes, or deal with legacy tape systems.

Availability SLAs

Fully managed services backed by extensive SLA options, ensuring availability of critical systems in the cloud storage.

Frequently asked questions about iron mountain cloud storage for backup

How can I access and restore my data from a cloud backup?

You may access and restore your data from a cloud backup through our web interface. For more information, please contact us.

How much data can I backup and store in Iron Cloud?

You may store unlimited backup data in Iron Cloud.

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