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A scalable cloud storage solution, designed for long-term storage, that adapts to your changing data needs

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Iron Cloud Archive Solution

An archival cloud storage service designed for long-term storage, securing your past, present and future

Data is growing rapidly in volume and value at all types of organisations, but traditional onsite storage systems are failing to keep up with today’s needs for scalability, better cost control, big data workloads and flexible access options. Also, new regulations and increasing data retention requirements further exacerbate these challenges. 

To solve these challenges for our customers, Iron Mountain Singapore developed a cloud-based archiving service designed to protect, preserve and store data for the long term. Iron Mountain® Cloud Archive is a secure repository for almost any type of data that you need to preserve, whether for compliance, conservation or value-creation. Designed to scale as your content grows, it is trusted by organisations of all types that want offsite, pay-as-you-use archival cloud storage with enterprise-class SLAs, stringent security protocols as well as near-infinite scalability — where data remains intact and easily accessible.

Why use a cloud archive?

A cloud archive is a type of storage system that holds data for long-term retention. Important pieces of archive data, like client information, need to be stored and locked away. Cloud storage can be the solution to keeping them secure.

As a business, you have an obligation to protect and retain data in accordance with regulatory requirements. However, not every business has the tools necessary to implement them themselves.

Properly storing data usually requires a certain amount of time and expertise, which can be a difficult project to take on without the help of a professional. Storing your archived data incorrectly may subject your company to exorbitant fines and loss of public trust. Additionally, if your company has a large consumer base and information to store, this means purchasing servers and renting additional space — fees that quickly add up over time. For many companies who do not dabble in proper data storage, Iron Mountain Singapore is here to help.


Why Iron Mountain cloud archive?

With the Iron Mountain Cloud Archive, know that your data will be kept safe in good hands. Perfect for short and long term data preservation, the Iron Mountain Cloud Archive is a secure cloud-based storage repository that can solve all your archiving solution needs.

Important information that needs to be archived is stored in our offsite below ground data storage centres. Paired with our predictable pricing model and near infinite scalability depending on the size of your company’s data, our pay-as-you-use service is flexible and can work with your company’s needs.

Protected and preserved

Robust data protection policies, distribution models, and built-in self-healing capabilities. 

  • Accessible - on-demand, secure access from multiple devices, locations, and customer applications.
  • Scalable - cloud archive immediately expands your storage capacity—by terabytes, petabytes, or even exabytes—and is designed to scale as content grows.
  • Secure - protects and secures content using in-flight encryption and at-rest.
  • Cost-effective - pricing structure tied to the data volume being protected, providing level and predictable operating expense.

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