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The IT asset refresh process is essential for businesses to ensure their technology is up-to-date and secure when collecting and disposing of retired equipment.

2 June 20236 mins
streamline the entire process

The IT asset refresh process is essential for businesses to ensure their technology is up-to-date and secure when collecting and disposing of retired equipment. By establishing reliable asset refresh processes, businesses can maximise their IT asset investment, guarantee data security, and support sustainability goals.

Your objectives

With a focus on creating operational efficiencies, you want to maximise the value and ROI of IT assets and reduce maintenance costs, all while ensuring data security with your devices. You also want to improve the reliability and performance of IT assets by ensuring hardware is always up to date. Lastly, sustainability is a business priority, and you need a sustainable process to reduce the environmental impact of your IT assets.

Iron Mountain's IT asset refresh service can support these objectives while also helping you optimise business efficiency. We provide a comprehensive approach to asset management, from the secure disposal of outdated equipment to the deployment of new hardware. Our IT asset disposition (ITAD) service ensures the security of your data through our industry-leading secure chain of custody. Additionally, we provide data sanitisation and destruction capabilities that are supported by a certificate of destruction, providing evidence that all data-bearing media has been destroyed.

We also help you reduce your environmental footprint by using sustainable best practices, proven in your Environmental Benefits Report, which shows the reduction in greenhouse gasses and landfill waste reduction, and more. With Iron Mountain, you can optimise your IT investment while ensuring a seamless deployment of new IT assets while replacing retired assets.

Our services

Iron Mountain's IT asset refresh service is an integrated programme management solution that provides end-to-end support for IT asset refresh projects. Our service includes retired hardware removal, new hardware deployment, and IT asset disposition. Our team of experts can help you plan, manage, and execute your IT asset refresh project—on time and on budget—and we provide detailed reporting and tracking to ensure that all assets are properly accounted for. With Iron Mountain, you can trust that professionals are handling your IT asset refresh project.

IT asset refresh service provides:

  • Managed service to refresh assets
  • Centralised process to ensure technology is up-to-date and supports worker productivity
  • A process to reduce IT costs and increase efficiency

As a global leader in workplace IT asset management (ITAM), Iron Mountain delivers tailored solutions to help you manage your workplace IT asset lifecycle from start to finish. With our comprehensive services and solutions, you’ll get the most out of your workplace IT assets and create business efficiencies that allow you to focus more on your internal customers. Our services also support your sustainability goals by extending the life of your assets and demonstrating positive outcomes with our Environmental Benefits Report.

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