Reduce risk and ensure security and compliance for the information you hold

Information transformation

Reduce risk and ensure security and compliance for the information you hold

Business objective: Data, IT security and resilience

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Redefine how you safeguard your most critical asset

Have you ever considered what could happen if your organisation's most valuable assets were compromised? In today’s digital landscape, protecting your reputation is more crucial than ever. Yet, many organisations grapple with internal and external risk factors—ranging from data loss and misuse to cyber attacks and IT asset mismanagement. What if there was a way to stay ahead of these threats, ensuring your assets remain secure and your reputation intact?

At Iron Mountain, we’ve earned the trust of over 225,000 organisations worldwide, including more than 90% of the Fortune 1000. We make it effortless for you to stay abreast of the latest protocols, ensuring your asset and information management is not just compliant, but proactively secure.

Curious about how we can help you mitigate risk and safeguard your most critical assets?

Over 90%

of the Fortune 1000 trust us
with their data

How do we do it?

 Through our information transformation framework we help your organisation improve security, innovation and resilience

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Access, collaborate, and innovate by taking control of your information and data - Workflow infographic

Phase 1 - Discover

Uncover your risk profile

As a first step to prevent data breaches, Iron Mountain helps organisations understand their data landscape. Whether your data is in the cloud, on-premises, or physical, knowing its scope is essential for effective information lifecycle management and accurately assessing your risk profile. After all, what you don't know can hurt you.

Phase 3 - Govern your data with confidence
Phase 2 - Unify & protect your data, environment and bottom line
Phase 2 - Unify

Unify and protect your data, environment and bottom line

Once you are aware of what information and data your business has, our experts can work with you to protect your data from the time it's created until it's securely destroyed. We organise, and securely manage your media and IT assets, laying the foundation for a robust and streamlined security process.

For example, It’s imperative that the hardware assets on which your data resides are governed by effective asset lifecycle management (ALM). A strategic ALM approach can support your business in keeping your data safe, optimise the utilisation of your IT assets, maximise your return on investment and minimise your environmental impact.

Phase 3 - Govern

Build robust data governance

To manage the ongoing storage and application of incoming and outgoing information, our specialists use technology and expertise to address data retention, privacy, compliance, and risk management for all your data, whether digital, on hardware, or on paper.

This involves creating a governance structure with a steering committee and enterprise-wide information governance policies.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the cost of cybercrime globally is estimated to reach USD10.5 trillion by 2025.

In the wake of the recent breaches, the government announced it will increase penalties for serious and repeated breaches of the Privacy Act 1988 from $2.1 million up to $50 million, and that in the future the Privacy Act will apply to all organisations, including businesses with less than $3 million in revenue.

Phase 4 - Automate

Automate for greater resilience

As the volume of information moving through your organisation grows, relying on manual tasks can open your organisation to enormous risk. We can help you integrate modern technology to eliminate bottlenecks and automate compliance tasks, freeing your employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

We help you determine what to keep, what to dispose of, and when, ensuring your business remains compliant and secure, regardless of the amount, location, or format of your data.

Phase 5 - Unlock

Unlock the value of your data

Strategic data management and IT governance are the foundation to unlocking data value. Organisations need to balance data access with retention and disposition requirements when it comes to document retention policies (physical or digital). Data recovery and migration, cloud adoption and secure, sustainable and compliant IT asset lifecycle management is critical to unlocking the full potential of a successful digital transformation.

Phase 5 - Unlock insights & make better decisions
Phase 6 -  Maintain lasting security
Phase 6 - Maintain

Maintain lasting security

Securing your information goes beyond documentation and requires understanding your data's dynamic nature—its sensitivity, locations, and alignment with protocols.

In this ever-evolving data and business landscape, continuously updating processes is crucial. By staying attentive and adaptable, you protect your organisation against emerging threats and regulatory changes, ensuring lasting security.

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