Transform your workplace: reduce cost, risk and improve productivity

Information transformation

Transform your workplace: reduce cost, risk and improve productivity

Business objective: Workplace evolution

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Optimise your workplace to adapt to a changing world

Do you know how your organisation can thrive in a world where the way we work is constantly evolving? Whether managing a newly remote workforce, scaling facilities due to M&A activity, or consolidating office space, companies are rethinking their physical locations and adopting hybrid working models. But how do you stay ahead in such a dynamic environment?

At Iron Mountain, we understand the challenges of today's evolving workplace. We help organisations navigate these changes, ensuring they remain efficient and cost-effective.

Common challenges faced in today's changing world:

  1. Moving, renovating or downsizing your workspace

    Iron Mountain assesses your current space, manages the clean-out process, and offers practical advice on how to best manage your information and assets moving forward and optimise your real estate footprint to save costs.

  2. Cleaning up your legacy records

    Commingled files, disorganised records, and boxes with incomplete information aren’t just a nuisance. They’re a liability that can inflate storage costs, increase litigation risks and even raise the cost of worker's compensation claims. Our solutions allow you to make sense of what’s stored in your record boxes and make quick and defensible disposition decisions.

  3. Navigating challenging ESG requirements

    Leaders are under pressure to meet ESG KPIs across the organisation. Whether by streamlining, managing, and restructuring the lifecycle of IT assets, or by digitising processes to reduce emissions from paper-based or manual tasks, we can help businesses achieve their ESG targets.

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  • 90%

    A recent IDG Study indicated that 90% of organisations are planning on making changes to their workplace within the next 6–12 months.

  • 87%

    According to a recent CBRE study, 87% of corporate real estate leaders are focused on portfolio optimisation as a top priority.


How do we do it?

With our information transformation framework we help you optimise your current workplace and support it's evolution so it's future-proofed and ready for anything

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Access, collaborate, and innovate by taking control of your information and data - Workflow infographic

Phase 1 - Discover

Workplace transformation assessment

Before any changes can be made, it's vital to assess your current workspace, taking stock of what digital and physical assets you have, what needs to be digitised, stored at an offsite facility, and what can safely and securely be disposed of. There are always obstacles to a workplace transformation. To overcome these hurdles it's vital to understand all the variables involved.

Industry fact:

71% of companies could reduce their storage costs by 30% if they knew what they could digitise or defensibly destroy.

Iron Mountain
Phase 2 - Unify your workspace
Phase 2 - Unify

Unify your workspace

Through a collection of technology-driven solutions we simplify, sort and structure your records inventory automatically and at scale, helping you to make smart decisions on what to keep, defensibly destroy, or digitise. No matter how much you're storing or where it's located.

Employees across your business, no matter where they are will be able to access, share and integrate data and information to create a truly collaborative workspace.

Phase 3 - Govern

Strengthen resilience and security via risk governance

Data privacy regulations continue to evolve and become more stringent, especially in the light of recent high-profile data breaches and the prevalence of hybrid work environments. We provide sustainably designed solutions designed to mitigate your risk by enabling continuity of service, securely destroying all media and IT assets, and providing expert advice related to compliant lifecycle management for data, records, and physical assets.

Phase 3 - Govern your data with confidence
Phase 4 - Automate your ways of working
Phase 4 - Automate

Automate your ways of working

By digitising your physical records and making all of your information accessible in one centralised location you have a strong foundation to build automation into your business processes. Eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks and freeing your team for more valuable work.

For example, Iron Mountain's digital mailroom solution eliminates paper at your front door. We scan, index and ensure quality control of your mail so you can securely store, search and access it in our Digital Experience Platform, Iron Mountain InSight®.

Phase 5 - Unlock

Unlock the full potential of your workplace integration

With the foundation set and your workplaces fully integrated, you can unlock the true value of workplace transformation. Improve team collaboration across locations, integrate data into automated workflows, and categorise information for better insights and decision-making. No matter where your team is working from.

Phase 5 - Unlock insights & make better decisions
Phase 6 - Maintain ways of working
Phase 6 - Maintain

Maintain ways of working

Adaptation is continuous: Your workplace transformation is not a one-time event. In a world of constant change, both within your business and the broader environment, ongoing adaptation is essential for maintaining resilience and gaining a competitive edge well into the future.

Learn more about how to undergo an information transformation

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Digitisation and automation
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By transitioning from physical to digital with a unified asset framework, structured records and data, your digitised information and data can unlock valuable insights through automation.

Data, IT security & resilience
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By ensuring your information management complies with changing protocols, you can reduce risk and ensure security and compliance for every piece of information you hold, across company and personal devices.

Information transformation
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Build a strong and flexible information framework to drive security, innovation and resilience for your organisation.

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