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Put the right data on the right tier at the right time 

Whether you need to archive, back up, recover, or protect against ransomware attacks, Iron Mountain recommends a multi-tier data storage approach to better protect, preserve and unlock the full value of your data. With Iron Mountain Iron Cloud®, you can reduce risk and save on storage costs—all while retaining access to your most critical business asset: your data.

How a multi-tier data storage can cut costs, simplify operations, and improve security

Solutions for every data storage tier

Cyber Recovery

Immutable, air-gapped offline protection

Keeping an air-gapped copy of your data stored offline that is also recoverable is a secure, cost-effective way to safeguard against ransomware. By separating your data from unsecured networks, you create a “gold data copy” that can be used as a “clean copy” when recovering from a ransomware attack.

Cyber Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Flexible failover and recovery, no matter the situation

Your organization needs to be ready for any type of disaster. When your data is backed up and recoverable 24/7, the impact of potential disruptions drops and emergency IT budgets stay low. 

Cloud Data Backup


Secure, reliable recovery that minimizes downtime

Storing data locally is a good idea, but if an employee accidentally deletes an important file, you might be faced with restoring an entire file share or server to fix one file. Store a cloud backup copy offsite to create a lifeline for your organization so your IT staff won't have to spend hours recovering lost data.

Cloud Data Backup


Cost-effective, long-term, and compliant data storage

For more businesses, 80% of data is inactive and can be archived. So why pay the same storage fee for data you won’t access often? You need long-term data storage solutions that don’t eat your budget while also providing access to data when needed most. 

Cyber Recovery

Data Restoration and Migration

Iron Cloud offers multi-tier cloud storage for your business

Our comprehensive portfolio of fit-for-purpose cloud storage solutions can help you modernize your data management strategy for both active and inactive data throughout its lifecycle so that you can improve compliance, reduce risk, and save money.

Data restoration and migration services are also available to accelerate digital transformation. 

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