Mountaineers from Mexico to Peru spread holiday goodwill


December 29th, 2022

December 29, 2022 mins
Mountaineers from Mexico to Peru Spread Holiday Goodwill

Our Moving Mountains program grants time off to employees each year—16 hours for full-time personnel and eight hours to part-time workers—to volunteer for the causes that matter the most to them.

In three of our Latin American offices – Bogota, Columbia; Lima, Peru, and Monterrey, Mexico, Mountaineers are rising to the occasion this month to help those in need this holiday season. These projects are being directed by Christian Alvarado, an Iron Mountain Human Resources Generalist based in Mexico City.

“In each of these locations, we have about nine Mountaineers leading the volunteer efforts,” says Alvarado. “Their role is to motivate as many employees as possible to join in these efforts,” he explains.

Though Mountaineers lend their time and energy year round, this is an especially appropriate time to volunteer: December 5 was United Nations’ International Volunteer Day, making this an especially “giving” month.

Peru: Giving Santa some lift

Mountaineers at our Lima location are focusing on children in need by lending a hand to the typically busy Santa Claus. As part of the Moving Mountains program, they’re helping Santa collect toys – everything from toys to sweets – to give out at a shelter operated by REMAR Peru. In keeping with Santa’s plans, they’ll deliver these presents before Christmas Eve, ensuring a joyful Christmas morning for these deserving children.

This project continues Iron Mountain’s relationship with REMAR. In July, Mountaineers delivered food and other items to REMAR’s Solidarity Dinette, which offers daily meals to those who can’t afford groceries.

Monterrey: Mountaineers warm up the winter

Employees in our Monterrey, Mexico location want everyone in their community to be well prepared for cooler temperatures. To help the city’s homeless population, Moving Mountain volunteers have been conducting a winter coat and clothing drive. Much like the Lima project, these Mountaineers will distribute the clothes to charities for holiday giving.

Bogota: Help for homeless pets

Workers in our Bogota facility are coming together to support the city’s homeless animal population. Starting several months ago, they have solicited financial and other donations for two local animal welfare organizations: Panelitas and Fundación Mujer Linda Cats. These organizations support the city’s stray cat and dog populations. The group will present their donations later this month.

Feeling inspired?

“Throughout this year, we’ve seen a great deal of active participation at these offices,” says Alvarado, who hopes to continue these new holiday traditions in years to come. “Helping people in their communities who need it most is very gratifying to everyone involved. We’re proud of our Mountaineers!”

Our Mountaineers make a great impact in the communities where they live and work, and Iron Mountain is proud to support their efforts.

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