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Embracing Change to Realize Data-Value and Improve the Quality of Care

As the healthcare industry drives toward increased transparency and improved access to quality care, while also navigating ever-more stringent privacy and security requirements, organizations are challenged to:

  • reduce cost and gain efficiency through a more digital way of working
  • integrate valuable information across multiple formats and systems to improve patient outcomes, support virtual care, and enable ML and AI initiatives
  • keep sensitive information protected from evolving data and cybersecurity risks while enabling the ready-access patients and providers require
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How We Can Help

To help healthcare organizations overcome these challenges, Iron Mountain provides an information lifecycle management (ILM) portfolio that enables you to:

  • identify and classify information enterprise-wide, capturing key meta-data to enable improved access and usability
  • get rid of information that is no longer needed to eliminate unnecessary cost and risk
  • systematically apply policy to strengthen privacy, security and regulatory compliance
  • automate workflows and enable technology to gain the agility, efficiency and insight required to compete in today's highly complex healthcare environment.
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Plan, Pivot and Persevere:  Boosting Pandemic Preparedness and Response in Healthcare- A medical professional examining a patient

Plan, pivot and persevere: Boosting pandemic preparedness and response in healthcare

Has healthcare reached the tipping point of data growth and cybersecurity - A doctor working on a computer

Has healthcare reached the tipping point of data growth and cybersecurity?


230,000 customers and 95%+ fortune 1000 organizations trust us to store and manage their most valuable information and assets

We are dedicated to security and regularly named in the Security 500 Survey

We manage over 850+ million patient records so we understand the unique information management needs of healthcare organizations

Our expertise extend beyond the paper. In fact, we manage over 68 exabytes of data and store 1 billion medical images
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