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Sustainable solutions

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Securing a sustainable future through collaboration

We recognize the important role we play in our customers’ value chain.

We believe a sustainable future is only possible through collaboration. When we make commitments together — with our customers, suppliers, and the communities where we operate — we can not only multiply our efforts but can also make sustainable behaviors more accessible and achievable.

We take our purpose to “protect and elevate the power of our customers’ work” to heart, and seek to do all we can to embed this in the way we create sustainable solutions and services for our customers.

Iron Mountain partnered with a fellow from MIT’s Sustainability Lab and developed a methodology for identifying sustainable solutions. That methodology has received external endorsement from a panel of independent subject matter experts.

Iron Mountain’s Sustainable Solutions core criteria:

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Addresses a significant and clearly defined sustainability challenge

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A comprehensive product lifecycle review of benefits and limitations results in a net positive impact rating


Sustainability claims are clear and based on a third-party endorsement

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Transparency provided on business processes and calculation methodologies

How can Iron Mountain support your sustainability goals?mountain ranges

Organizations understand the impact of sustainability and many have adopted initiatives supporting circular economy such as zero-waste or landfill diversion goals. However, they are often challenged with disposing or recycling materials which include enterprise, proprietary, or customer data.

Organizations need a solution that allows them to dispose of paper documents to achieve sustainability targets without compromising on data security and increased costs.

With Iron Mountain Secure Paper Shredding, you get the resources and proven expertise you’ll need to create, implement and monitor a comprehensive information destruction program that is convenient, compliant, cost-effective and sustainable.

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Organizations are increasingly challenged with embedding sustainable and responsible practices across all facets of their operations, including records and information management.

The volume, velocity, and variety of information that organizations need to manage, store, and protect can be overwhelming. In addition, shifting business processes and staff changes can lead to challenges in identifying legacy records. These factors not only slow sustainability efforts but can increase risk and drive higher costs.

Smart Sort is a technology-enabled solution that leverages your organization’s records retention policies to sort and organize files according to destruction eligibility, record type, or other unique categories.

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Organizations want to minimize the environmental impact of the products they purchase. There is a wide variety of storage boxes available for purchase. It can be challenging to identify boxes that provide clear information about their composition, manufacturing processes, and recycling options.

Records and information are the lifeblood of any organization. Safe and secure document storage is critical to compliance and business continuity. To properly organize, store and retrieve your documents and other vital assets you need reliable tools and supplies. The Iron Mountain Eco Box provides durability and security while also being responsibly sourced, 100% recyclable and easy to order and receive.

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When outsourcing their data center needs, organizations look for reliable infrastructure, robust physical security, ample bandwidth and other technical fundamentals. Two key elements that shouldn’t be overlooked are compliance and sustainability. Iron Mountain leads the industry in compliance, environmental sustainability, physical security, and business continuity.

We can help customers meet their emissions reduction goals by passing through the renewable energy benefits of our 100% renewable energy data centers. Iron Mountain's Green Power Pass is built on the carbon reporting protocol released by the Future of Internet Power (FoIP) working group. Your organization can take credit for the green energy that we're buying.

Green Power Pass customers receive an annual certificate of attestation validating that 100% of the green power they use at Iron Mountain is acceptable in their reporting.

In addition, customers receive a detailed report on their power consumption and full documentation on the amount, source, and chain-of-custody of the wind, solar or other renewable electricity associated with their Iron Mountain facility.

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Continuous technological innovation has produced an explosion of e-waste, which has resulted in increased regulation focused on improving global sustainability.

We work with our customers to reduce their carbon emissions and e-waste through our IT Asset Disposition services. By enabling faster and less disruptive refresh cycles, we make it easier for companies to deploy newer, more efficient and environmentally friendly technology.

At the same time, our remarketing and recycling programs minimize the amount of material entering the waste streams. Our comprehensive, audit-ready reporting helps you manage performance against your sustainability targets.

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Crozier provides a full suite of art logistics solutions, from art handling and installation to packing, crating, and shipping. Our team members power the art logistics process. Our expertise has helped maintain the trust of artists, collectors, dealers, galleries, and museums for more than four decades.

We're preparing for the future. Recognizing the environmental impact of art logistics, Crozier is spearheading initiatives to waste less, recycle more, source sustainably, and use less energy. We continue to pursue partnerships that drive practical digital innovation, make art more accessible, and allow us to support the next generation of art specialists.

Crozier’s solutions that can help customer’s meet their sustainability goals:

  • Sea-freight shipping
  • Crate rental
  • Shuttle transportation

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Sustainability at Iron Mountain

At Iron Mountain, we’re using our influence and expertise to drive innovations that will not only protect and elevate the power of our customers’ work but will also make a lasting, positive impact on people, the planet and performance.

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