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Data and IT security

Repurpose, reuse, recycle, and remarket IT assets to support landfill diversion goals

Lower risk exposure across your IT assets, personal devices, sensitive files, and records. Maximize use of data centers.

Now more than ever, top of mind for organizations is to protect their reputation, and that requires them to be aware of internal and external risk factors that include loss or misuse of records and data, cyber attacks, and mismanagement of IT assets and devices. At Iron Mountain we provide sustainably designed solutions designed to mitigate your risk by enabling continuity of service, securely destroying all media and IT assets, and providing expert advice related to compliant lifecycle management for data, records, and physical assets.

Read on for more information about how you can securely and compliantly manage and protect your records and data, as well as the devices and equipment used to create, receive, and store information throughout their lifecycles.

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    Assets processed per year by Iron Mountain

Your data and IT security journey starts heremountain ranges

Asset lifecycle management (ALM) is a strategic approach to IT asset management that protects your data, ensures optimized use, maximizes your return on investment, and minimizes your environmental impact.

Iron Mountain can partner with you to develop a program that cares for your assets from deployment and active usage to retirement and disposition, supported by our industry-leading data security and sustainability measures.

Iron Mountain secure shredding services protect the privacy of your information by destroying paper records and documents, plastics, and media in a cost-efficient, safe, sustainable, and compliant way.

Our advisory services combine technology with deep expertise and broad experience to meet the challenges and intricacies of retention, privacy, compliance, and risk management.

Iron Mountain data centers enable you to protect, connect, and activate your data. We operate a global colocation platform that enables you to build tailored, sustainable, carrier, and cloud-neutral data solutions.

Iron Mountain leads the industry in highly regulated compliance, environmental sustainability, physical security, and business continuity.

At Iron Mountain, we challenge ourselves and inspire others to create business solutions that make a positive environmental impact. Iron Mountain data centers' procurement of 100% renewable energy and the Green Power Pass product give you access to clean energy, enabling your data center load to support your Net Zero goals.

Our secure IT asset disposition can help you refurbish and recycle electronics, and our secure shredding program recycles all collected paper. We even provide a Green Report to provide essential environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting data, as well as helpful and customized information on the environmental benefits from each of your programs.

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