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Data restoration and migration services overview

Minimize disruption across IT resources, IT budget, and IT infrastructure through a managed services model

Data is at the core of every business. As data growth and sprawl has become the norm today, regrettably, IT staff, budget, and infrastructure has not grown alongside with it. Enter the rationale for managed services.

Iron Mountain Data Restoration and Migration services is a fully managed solution designed to support the specific needs of your digital transformation agenda, bridging the gap between physical and digital. It provides seamless, secure access to backup tape and other storage media-based information while enabling a high-speed on-ramp to any cloud or any location.

Reduce the headaches associated with tape management

While tape and other media are secure and reliable, these storage devices require manual processes that are often time-consuming and complex. As a result, you could spend days or weeks—and your limited IT budget—looking for data when you need it most. Not any more – Iron Mountain's Data Restoration and Migration Services can help identify, move, restore, and migrate data and information stored on tape and other media types.

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Data restoration and migration

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Accelerate your digital transformation

Our data migration services can help you to accelerate your digital transformation efforts with seamless data migration in and out of any cloud or location.

Our services provide you the flexibility to retire some or all of your tape infrastructure with options between bulk or on-demand services, and at an affordable and predictable cost.

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Data restoration and migration services for AWS

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End-to-end information lifecycle management digitize data – from Paper and Tape to Cloud Accelerate digital transformation

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