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Service specific FAQs coming soon. For now, check out how some of our other services work

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24-Hour Support for Iron Mountain Customers

Whether you have been an Iron Mountain data center customer for decades or have joined the family via one of the recent acquisitions, our goal is to provide every Iron Mountain data center customer with responsive, professional service 24-hours a day across the globe.

Please use the below contacts to reach us. If you were part of an acquisition, the specific contact information for your NOC/support team is also listed.

Legacy Iron Mountain


Legacy EvoSwitch Netherlands & IMDC LON-1 (EMEA)


Hollywood, CA (5:00 AM – 7:00 PM PT)


Moonachie and Little Falls, NJ
(8:00 AM – 9:00 PM ET)


Nashville, TN (7:00 AM - 8:00 PM CT)

After Hours

Service specific FAQs coming soon. For now, check out how some of our other services work

See how it works


Set up your escrow account

That depends on whether you are the developer or the buyer and also whether you want to make escrow a standard in your risk mitigation process. There is a difference in agreements (click “See More”), but we typically recommend a master agreement to make escrow a simple and easily repeatable process.

Your account is setup when properly completed documentation (e.g. an agreement or enrollment) is received. Once the agreement is signed you will receive a welcome letter that contains your account number and your client services contact information. If you do not know who your client services representative is, contact us at and we will put you in touch with the right person.

  1. The goal of technology escrow is to provide the buyer with a complete set of Intellectual Property (IP) and information required to use or implement the IP in the event of a release. Suggestions for material to escrow are located here.
  2. An Exhibit B must be filled out for every deposit sent in electronically or physically. Here are the instructions for filling it out.

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