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Since 1951, Iron Mountain has helped thousands of companies to store, manage, and protect their important business records. We offer services to meet a wide range of needs, from offsite storage to comprehensive, compliant records management programs. Our secure facilities, system-driven workflow, and records management portal - Iron Mountain Connect™ - ensure your records are well protected off premises, yet easily accessible when you need them.

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Managing your service is easy with Iron Mountain Connect™, our online hub! Place orders, run activity reports, access your inventory data and more — right at your fingertips and available 24/7! With the Iron Mountain Connect hub, you can also enter transmittal data for boxes and files, track recently placed orders and add and maintain users. Already an Iron Mountain Connect user, click the link on the left to explore your options. For more information, or to sign up for Iron Mountain Connect access, contact us at or (800) 934.3453 and we’ll be happy to help!

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Iron Mountain reduces risk and cost from unexpected downtime and data loss, by ensuring your data is available and accessible for recovery, wherever and whenever you need it. Outsourcing data storage and disaster recovery with Iron Mountain frees up resources, delivers low-cost, long-term preservation of data and provides consistent tracking and reporting for recovery and compliance purposes. With Iron Mountain's solutions, you can lower costs and prepare for unexpected downtime and disaster.

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Iron Mountain's secure shredding services are designed to help mitigate the risk associated with the potential loss or disclosure of sensitive or proprietary data or other information assets. Our secure shredding service includes the materials collection and disposition process for destroying information media via the use of proprietary procedures and commercial grade equipment.

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Ever wonder what the most asked NOC questions were for IMDC Customers? Check out our NOC FAQ

Why can I not access the portal? Password resets, portal access questions etc.

How do I put in a visitor access request?

  • On the home page in the search field type in visitor request
  • Click on “visitor Access” and enter all the information
  • If you have lots to add enter a person then hit add to cart
  • Update pertinent information and hit add to cart again
  • When you have entered all the folks hit proceed to cart and tickets will be created

What is the status of our package?

  • In the portal, you should be able to see a list of active packages.
  • Click on the link and see if the package you are looking for is listed.
  • If the package is assigned to you, you should be able to see it in your ticket queue.
  • If you would like to retrieve the package you can change the status to X and note where you are for the delivery.

What are your badging hours?

  • Badging hours are listed in a badge request ticket.
  • Before going to the data center make sure an administrator on your account enters a badge request ticket for you so that security knows that you need a badge or knows to start you in the process for a background investigation.

SITAD Management System (SMS) Tutorial Videos

Know where your IT assets are located throughout their journey

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