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Sustainable green data centers

Data center sustainability solutions powered by 100% renewable energy, natural cooling, on-site solar power generation, and BREEAM design.

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Transforming our future: working together to green the grid
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A sustainable partner for the future

Sustainability is a massive part of Iron Mountain’s future. In fact, Iron Mountain Data Centers leads the data center industry in highly regulated compliance, environmental sustainability as well as physical security and business continuity. We support our clients globally in their pursuit of zero carbon by purchasing 100% renewable energy and passing the environmental benefits to our customers under our Green Power Pass product, a first in the industry. Iron Mountain is also the first company to construct a BREEAM design-certified data center in North America.

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Secure, sustainable & scalable

Iron Mountain is committed to data center solutions that are socially and environmentally responsible. Companies choose Iron Mountain for our ability to help them achieve their own sustainability goals. As the provider of energy for client's off site IT equipment, Iron Mountain is a key provider to our customers total renewable energy purchases.

We were the first colocation signatory to The Climate Pledge and the only provider in the world committed to meeting every kilowatt hour of usage with local carbon free energy, every hour of each day, everywhere.

Each newly constructed colocation site will achieve BREEAM green building certification and we're investing in our existing fleet of facilities to maximize energy efficiency and water conservation. In fact, AZP-2 in Phoenix, Arizona, is the first-ever BREEAM design-certified data center in North America.

Customers in Iron Mountain Data Centers recognize the power their IT equipment consumes at Iron Mountain as their own energy footprint, and recognize it as 100% renewable using Iron Mountain's Green Power Pass product in alignment with GHG reporting protocols. We purchase impactful renewable energy at scale and provide it to clients as they need it, from a single rack to an entire data hall.

Iron Mountain Data Centers offers:

  • ISO 50001 (energy management)
  • ISO 14001 (environmental management)
  • Green Power Pass
  • Data centers powered by 100% renewable energy
  • BREEAM certified data center design at select locations

IMDC sustainability goals & reporting

Our Commitment Published Goal How We Will Measure
Zero Waste Establish certified diversion rate by 2023

UL 2799
ISO 14001
US Dept. Of Energy - Waste Challenge

Carbon Neutral Climate Neutral Data Centers by 2030 ISO 50001
ISO 14001
Green Buildings All new colocation sites achieve BREEAM certification BREEAM
SS564 (SGP)
Responsible Water and Power Use WUE and PUE per Climate Neutral Data Center Pact ISO 50001
ISO 14001
US Dept. of Energy - Better Buildings
Renewable Energy 100% annual now,
24/7 Carbon Free by 2040
ISO 50001
ISO 14001
US Dept. of Energy - Better Buildings

Data centers 2022 sustainability report

We challenge ourselves and inspire others. We aspire to be a force for good by modeling how organizations can be the solution to some of the world’s biggest social and environmental challenges, while delivering business positive outcomes. And for the second year in a row we’ve made available a Sustainability Report for you to see our progress.

See Full Report

IMDC sustainability report

Optimal efficiency

Efficiency is a function of good design and we're committed to constructing all new colocation facilities to the BREEAM green building standards by 2025.

Our AZP-2 facility in Phoenix is the first BREEAM certified data center in North America. We're also optimizing our existing facilities, such as our WPA-1 underground data center near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where we take advantage of an underground aquifer to minimize the energy required for data hall cooling.

Our data centers include many of the newest and most energy-efficient builds in the colocation industry. As signatories to the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact we have clear commitments to achieving low PUE, responsible water usage and repurposing waste heat when possible.

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Data Center Underground Lake

Green Power Pass (GPP)

Green Power Pass

Every customer can enjoy our award-winning Green Power Pass, the industry’s first ever comprehensive green data center solution for companies seeking to share the benefits of Iron Mountain’s CO2 reduction. Green Power Pass covers power consumed at every Iron Mountain data center around the globe.

Reporting is standardized, easy and fast, delivering peace of mind for customers looking to achieve their sustainability commitments fast. An annual Certificate of Attestation validates that 100% of the power you use at Iron Mountain is from qualifying renewable resources.

In GPP’s first year it was applied to well over 100 million kW/hrs of customer power, and this number is growing year-on-year as more customers see the benefits the program brings. GPP is also for the greater good of the industry, showing the way forward for other operators and encouraging the broader move to a greener grid.

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Green Power Pass: What our customers say

"Akamai believes that operating our business with a small environmental footprint is fundamental to unlocking the potential of the internet and an essential value for our customers and the communities in which we operate. We are pleased to be a launch partner of Iron Mountain’s Green Power Pass allowing us to deliver services to our customers in a sustainable and socially responsible way through 100% renewable power."


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EVP Platform & General ManagerEnterprise Division, Akamai

On-site solar generation

We capture opportunities for carbon free energy wherever possible. In 2019 we constructed the largest rooftop solar installation of any data center in the USA.

The 7.2 MW-rated solar installation at Iron Mountain's data center in Edison, New Jersey now generates more than 9 Million KW/hrs per year.

Visit NJE-1
NJE Data Center Solar Rooftop

100% renewable data centers

We have covered 100% of our global data center electricity consumption with renewable energy purchases each year since 2017. In 2021 we set an ambitious goal to meet each hour of our energy use every day with local carbon free energy by 2040. In support of this goal we were founding signatories to the UN 24/7 Carbon Free Energy Compact and were the first colocation provider to join The Climate Pledge.
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Sustainable data center partners

Iron Mountain is a proactive member of the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA). CEBA works across customers, suppliers, and policymakers to identify barriers to buying renewable energy and develop solutions that meet growing demand. In collaboration with CEBA we are demonstrating that renewable energy is not only environmentally and socially responsible, it’s also cost-effective and reliable, with stable costs and long-term fixed contracts.

We also work closely with the Future of Internet Power a group of 10 of the biggest cloud and internet users. The group works to develop industry best practices on GHG reporting for offsite data center operations. We collaborated with them to develop the new carbon credit protocols that underpin our award-winning Green Power Pass.

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