Underground Pittsburgh Data Center Location in Boyers


Protect infrastructure not headed to the cloud while lowering operating costs like power, taxes and maintenance. Ready for hyperscale, global enterprises and local businesses.
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Why Choose Our W. Pennsylvania Data Center?

Whether you are consolidating, establishing a hybrid IT environment, or simply addressing data center change, you can trust Iron Mountain. For specific colocation offering details, visit the Pennsylvania colocation page.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

Since 1951, Iron Mountain has been the trusted guardian for more than 225,000 customers including 95% of the Fortune 1000. The world’s most heavily regulated organizations have trusted us with their data centers since the 1980s.
Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Reduce data center risk by choosing colocation services from Iron Mountain in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Receive comprehensive compliance support, federal-grade security, and the stability of an S&P 500 REIT with 1,400+ locations in 54 countries.
Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Streamline digital transformation with the most logical venue for hybrid IT – our Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh data center. Easily access cloud, telecom, and IT services providers. Plus, make remote management efficient with our software and smart hands.
Underground Data Center


Located 60 minutes north of Pittsburgh, the 200-acre colocation facility is located 220 feet beneath the earth’s surface and offers one of the most secure locations in the country, mitigates manmade & natural disasters and offers long-term scalability.
Sustainable, Reduce Costs


Reduce waste at our Pittsburgh data center with market-leading PUE, which is achieved through geothermal cooling via ambient underground temperatures and an aquifer that uses 100% recycled chilled water for reduced environmental impact. 
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Highly Secure Campus

Our Pennsylvania data center is regarded as one of the most secure facilities in the nation. WPA-1 features perimeter security, armed-guard checkpoints, metal detectors, mantraps, biometric access controls, and CCTV cameras all in a low-risk underground location.




Carbonite - Cloud Backup

Underground Colocation

Underground Location, High Security & Compliance Standards


Carbonite needed to find a partner that could provide data resilience, security, compliance, certifications and physical locations that were not susceptible to disasters. The company wanted to get out of the business of managing its own data center and focus on helping their existing customer base.


Carbonite was able to leverage Iron Mountain's underground facility for their data center, allowing them to focus on the service they provide to their customers rather than worrying about owning and managing their own internal data center.


“The partnership that Carbonite has with Iron Mountain has always been based on trust..They have been focused on our business and that has been very important to us.”
- Senior Director of Operations, Carbonite


Website: carbonite.com

Services Offered at our Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh Data Center

Wholesale Data Center

Wholesale Data Centers

At our 200-acre underground campus outside of Pittsburgh, we have the ability to deliver wholesale dedicated data centers on campus. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our data center construction team.
Retail Colocation - Iron Mountain Cages, Cabinets & Suites

Colocation: Suites, Cages, Cabinets

WPA-1 offers a wide range of Pittsburgh colocation solutions ranging from individual cabinets to cages and suites. Address power densities of up to 20 kilowatts per cabinet, ideal for hyperconverged infrastructure and cloud.
Modular Data Centers - Iron Mountain

Modular Data Centers

Looking for a self-contained data center with power capacities in between a dedicated facility and colocation? Choose a MOD. These purpose-engineered units deliver PUE’s near 1.1, up to 52U cabinets, and design flexibility.
Hybrid IT Colocation - Cloud Access

Hybrid IT Enablement: Cloud Access

WPA-1 is a cloud-neutral Pittsburgh data center facility. Choose on-site access to clouds of various sizes and offerings and regional access to other direct connect locations.
Hybrid IT Colocation - Carrier Access

Hybrid IT Enablement: Carrier Access

Our Pennsylvania data center is also carrier-neutral, providing access to on-site tier 1 services providers as well as numerous others by way of dark fiber connectivity to regional carrier hotels.
Hybrid IT Colocation - IT Services

Hybrid IT Enablement: Services

Make hybrid IT change management easier with a wide range of data center services from Iron Mountain such as 24x7x365 remote smart hands, network services, migration services, and others.

Pennsylvania Photo Tour

Pennsylvania Data Center | Additional Information

  • 200-Acre Iron Mountain-Owned Underground Campus
  • 220-Feet Below the Surface
  • Consistent Delivery of Turnkey Data Center Space
  • N+1 Electrical Systems (A/B paths - cabinet through generator)
  • N+1 Mechanical and Cooling
  • Limestone Slab Nearly Unlimited Floor-Load Weight Limit
  • High-Density Ready (up to 20 kW per cabinet/rack)
  • 100% Usable Computer Room Space - No Infrastructure in Room
  • Custom Hot/Cold Aisle Containment Solutions Available
  • 225,000+ Customers, 95% of Fortune 1000

  • Carrier/Cloud-Neutral Data Center

  • On-Site Tier 1, Local Carriers: Level3, Lumos, AT&T, & More

  • Redundant Dark Fiber Access to Allegheny Center Mall

  • Low-Latency Performance to Regional, Midwest Markets

  • Network Dark/Lit and Managed Services Available

  • Data Center Marketplace Access - Cloud, IT Services, Partners

  • Redundant Meet-Me Rooms - 0.25 Miles of Separation, Interconnection Services

  • Safe, Convenient & Staff-Friendly Location

  • High Span of Control Over Neighborhood, Local Community

  • Guarded Exterior Vehicle Search / Check Point
  • Guarded Metal Detector Check Point
  • Vehicle Crash Barriers Deter Unauthorized Entry
  • 24x7x365 Iron Mountain Security Officers
  • Mantraps, Tailgating Prevention
  • 24x7x365 CCTV Monitoring
  • 3-Factor Access Control: Biometric, Key Card, PIN
  • 24x7x365 Armed Guards
  • No Maintenance in Computer Rooms
  • Thorough Background Checks on All Employees/Partners
  • MEP located outside of data centers, limiting vendor traffic and maintenance activity in customer space
  • Concurrently Maintainable Systems
  • 2N Generators
  • N+1 UPS
  • N+1 Cooling & Mechanical
  • Mitigated DR Risk: Underground Protection from Natural Disasters
  • Low Seismic Risk Zone
  • Mitigated DR Risk: High Availability for Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations (COOP)
  • Diverse Dark Fiber Paths, Points of Entry
  • 24x7x365 Remote Hands Services
  • Powered by 100% Renewable Energy
  • Natural, Geothermal Cooling Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Aquifer: Naturally Chilled, Recycled Water for "Chiller-Free" Cooling, Saves Millions of Gallons Every Year
  • Low PUE for Reduced Energy Cost
  • High-Efficiency Variable Frequency Drives
  • LED Lighting
  • Custom Hot/Cold Aisle Containment Solutions Available
  • Metered Power Pricing Encourages Responsible Energy Use

  • ISO 27001
  • FISMA High
  • PCI-DSS Level 1
  • SOC 2 Type II
  • SOC 3 
  • ISO 50001

Data Center Compliance Across the Globe

Data Center Security and Compliance Badges
View the Iron Mountain DMCA here

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