Iron Mountain’s suite of pathology solutions include digital pathology and long-term preservation and storage of slides, blocks, and scans.


Iron Mountain Digital Pathology solutions

Slide into the digital age

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What’s slowing your pathology research?

Healthcare and life sciences organizations are challenged to manage an ever‐growing volume of slides and blocks while maintaining inventory integrity and timely access to the physical slides.

As organizations are asked to do more with less and the volume of specimens continues to grow, getting quick access to the slides for review and research, facilitating efficient collaboration, and managing the proper storage and movement of these assets becomes an ever-increasing burden.

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Unlock faster pathology research - digital pathology is the future


Prepare your organization to stay competitive in a fast-approaching digital pathology future where artificial intelligence (AI), access and collaboration using a digital image library will be standard practice.

Digital Pathology Solutions Overview

There's a clear benefit here to working with digital slides and having immediate access to archived slides without having to wait.1

Healthcare Pathologist1”Digital pathology messaging research.” Conducted by Quadrant Strategies. Sponsored by Iron Mountain, September 2022.

Digital Pathology solutions

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On Demand

Reduce the time to access slide images and collaborate. When a request is made through the web portal to view slides already in Iron Mountain storage, the slides are retrieved, prepared, digitized, and refiled. With On Demand the time to receive the digital image can be decreased from an average of 8 days down to 24 hours.
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Unlock large sets of archival images used to facilitate research, train AI models or be monetized via marketplaces. For researchers wanting to create a rich in-house digital medical image archive, large slide sets in storage are scanned and uploaded to the cloud. Images can be viewed by humans, analyzed digitally, or used to train machine learning algorithms.
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Digital pathology: a pivotal moment of opportunity.

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Why choose Iron Mountain Digital Pathology

Iron Mountain delivers a holistic secure service that spans the entire physical-to-digital pathology lifecycle.

Leverage extensive in-facility digitization capabilities along with traditional pathology slide‐storage - we manage more than one billion slides and blocks in over 150 temperature‐monitored facilities meeting the 2021 US CAP requirements.

Iron Mountain is the global leader for storage and information management services. Trusted by more than 225,000 organizations—including almost all of the Fortune 1000—we store and protect billions of valued assets.

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