Accelerating your digital pathology adoption


A guide to realizing the benefits of large-scale implementation through as-a-service solutions

January 15, 202412 mins
digital pathology

Today, digital pathology has revolutionized the discipline that once depended on fragile physical slides and rugged microscopes. Pathologists can now research and study diseases using digital whole slide images instead of examining a tissue sample under a microscope. Adopting digital pathology as an innovative technology within an organization offers some distinct advantages:

  • Reduce cost and risk for providers, labs, and other healthcare organizations via offsite storage and cloud capabilities
  • Positively impact resource shortages and enhance education, especially in research settings and in developing nations
  • Facilitate collaboration across geographic regions to leverage expertise, reach underserved populations, and get a secondary review on interesting examples.
  • Enable time-saving automation to workflows and engage artificial intelligence (AI) and other algorithmic capabilities.
  • Support high-quality, rapid, AI-based pattern and anomaly recognition

To successfully implement digital pathology might seem like a daunting task, but our guide “Accelerating your digital pathology adoption” will provide insights and best practices to help your healthcare organization realize the benefits of building a digital pathology practice that’s cost-effective, resilient, and optimized.