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We can help you streamline lab workflows, improve collaboration, and securely offload long-term slide and digital image storage.

August 15, 20236 mins
Iron Mountain® Digital Pathology On Demand

Digitize Pathology Slides

Business challenge

Lab managers and pathologists are challenged to manage an ever-growing volume of slides and blocks while maintaining inventory integrity and on-demand physical access. Digital pathology can help solve some of these issues but comes with its own challenges, not least of which is an explosion of data that needs to be secured, stored, managed, and preserved in addition to the physical slides, which need to be stored for at least 10 years to meet FDA regulations.

What if you could

Digitize slides and entrust digital and physical storage to an experienced partner that can help you:

  • Streamline lab workflows by providing rapid retrieval of images.
  • Facilitate collaboration with the ability to view and mark up slide images in real time.
  • Leverage a holistic service spanning the entire physical-to-digital pathology lifecycle.

Iron Mountain Digital Pathology On Demand

Healthcare and life sciences organizations trust Iron Mountain, a global business dedicated to the storage, protection, and management of information and assets, to provide a digital pathology system that meets their needs. Iron Mountain Digital Pathology On Demand transforms your lab with the ability to:

media backup

Get the images you need when you need them



Get the images you need when you need them

Cut the wait time for slides by replacing physical slide retrievals with on-demand whole slide imaging, online viewing via a secure online portal, and a pathway to artificial intelligence (AI) for smarter searching and faster insights.

people 2

Share and collaborate easily



Share and collaborate easily

Leverage on-demand scanning and the ability to easily access and search slides from anywhere on our secure platform via a single web-based portal for faster collaboration with colleagues down the hall, or throughout the organization, to minimize time to insight. Authorized users can search, annotate, and share images to facilitate collaboration and research while protecting PHI.

secure cloud portal

Stop worrying about digital image storage and management



Stop worrying about digital image storage and management

Offload slide and image storage and management to professionals experienced in asset preservation and data protection. Iron Mountain has experience managing more than one billion slides and blocks in more than 150 temperature-monitored facilities meeting the 2021 US College of American Pathologists (CAP) recommendations. Scalable cloud storage solves data management issues and auditable chain of custody, secure storage, data encryption, access restriction, and role-based permissions keep data safe.

Industry fact

Large pathology centers might need to produce around 1 million digital slides, resulting in 1pb of uncompressed data each year.

- Journal of Pathology Informatics

Digital Pathology is more than just improving things for the pathologist, it’s for the patients. Behind every slide is a patient we are helping.
Dr. Zoya VolynskayaDigital Pathology Expert

Speed research results

We can help you streamline lab workflows, improve collaboration, and securely offload long-term slide and digital image storage. To see a demo of Digital Pathology On Demand, reach out to an Iron Mountain expert.

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