What's behind our bigger and better ALM unit?

The addition of full-service hyperscale data-center solutions tops a year of positive change for Iron Mountain's Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) operation.

November 7, 2022 mins
 What’s Behind Our Bigger And Better ALM Unit

During the past year, some key initiatives have made Iron Mountain’s Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) operations better equipped than ever to support our clients through the entire lifecycle of their IT assets.

From the time a client identifies a need, through the retirement of their IT assets, we achieve total information security and ensure that we’re fulfilling Iron Mountain‘s Global Sustainability Strategy in the process.

ITRenew acquisition fuels advances

The company has achieved many of these advances through its purchase of veteran hyperscale data-center recycler ITRenew. The acquisition adds full-service secure data center decommissioning expertise to the ALM unit’s already extensive roster of workplace IT asset-disposition solutions.

Though the integration of ITRenew’s hyperscale solutions into ALM is still in progress, Iron Mountain has been implementing an operational merger since the deal was finalized in January 2022. As part of this integration, Iron Mountain is retiring the ITRenew brand name in Q1 2023.

“As a result of this integration, we’re better positioned than ever to manage the potential gaps between paper, digital, and hardware-based data management, using industry-leading secure workflows and business processes,” says Marc Leavitt, Senior Director of Marketing, ALM.

Iron Mountain’s Fortune 1000 clients can now take advantage of a one-vendor solution that meets all their data protection and IT asset disposition needs, whether that’s in corporate offices, on mobile devices, or now in hyperscale data centers,” says Leavitt.

“At the same time,” adds Leavitt, “You can maximize sustainability and optimize total cost of ownership on your retired IT assets." ITRenew has maintained a solid track record in this regard. Its sale of recondition assets has brought its clients 45 percent more on average than units sold by competing recyclers.

New locations bring opportunities

The merger brings five global ITRenew locations under the Iron Mountain umbrella. These are located in Kansas, Virginia, Sweden, Ireland, and Singapore. To date, Iron Mountain has adopted ITRenew systems and procedures from these operations to improve the overall operating efficiency of its existing services.

Likewise, Iron Mountain is also expanding its services at these locations to incorporate Iron Mountain’s existing ALM offerings: “We’re enabling these newly acquired ITRenew facilities to process non-hyperscale data center decommissioning,” says Leavitt.

Manage compliance, cost, and efficiency

Our R2-certified operations help our clients discard assets with ecological integrity, energy efficiency, and maximum cost effectiveness. Asset Lifecycle Management processes can include these steps:

  • Perform a complete data wipe on all equipment and media upon receipt.
  • Evaluate hardware for resale or parts recycling.
  • Recondition and remarket units with potential resale value.
  • Harvest remaining units for parts recycling, with the remainder being responsibly destroyed in line with strict environmentally sound standards.

Are you committed to your organization doing all it can for the environment – and its bottom line? Learn more here about how to maintain compliance and cost efficiency in your information management operations.

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