Everyone plays a role: thy's story

January 10th, 2023

January 10, 2023 mins
Thys story - everyone plays a role

Leading a team of 60 people in Iron Mountain’s Digital Business Unit gives Thy Toeung much to be proud of. As a Regional Specialist, he makes sure that the work to help businesses transition the things they value to a digital space goes smoothly, protecting the security of important documents. But the impact of his team’s work stretches far beyond the transition of digitizing imperative information that needs to be kept safe.

“Transitioning from paper to digital isn’t just smart for our customers, it’s smart for the planet,” Thy says. “Because of global warming, we have to think of how that changes how our world functions. Creating those digital copies helps to reduce paper waste, and the carbon footprint.”

Watching the impact climate change has had on the frequencies of natural disasters, he knows his team plays a part in the resiliency of businesses he works with as well. “Being ready for those natural disasters from a business standpoint ensures they continue to operate,” Thy says. “Transitioning to digital means that data is still safe and still can help our business move forward.“

Thy says he also sees how Iron Mountain’s commitment to ESG has rippled into life beyond work, especially at home with his family, where they have upped their commitment to save energy and reduce waste with a digital family organization system.

“The sustainability values that I've learned from Iron Mountain and that we practice have definitely rippled into how my family functions. We call it a family command center,” Thy says about the large monitor mounted on the kitchen wall where one might typically find a paper calendar. The screen displays a Google calendar with their family’s daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. “We have a big digital calendar that allows us to have all our events, and all the things we have coming up. And we're not not consuming all these like throwaway pieces of paper or having to keep up with markers and all the little things.”

Thy has been working remotely from his home in North Carolina since he joined Iron Mountain 10 years ago. “It feels good to be a part of a company that was ahead of the trend of working from home,” he says. “You reduce energy waste by not taking up space in an office, and reduce carbon emissions by not spending time commuting to work. When I think of how long I’ve been doing that, and how many of us do, that adds up!”

Thy is actively writing new chapters in our sustainability story as a company.

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