Passion guides Mountaineer leaders to support fellow employees


Iron Mountain offers employee resource groups to support employees and foster diversity, equity and inclusion.

April 4, 20246 mins
Passion guides Mountaineer leaders to support fellow employees

Our Mountaineers promote inclusion and teamwork with our customers, partners and each other - our values are at the core of who we are. Through our Employee Resource Groups, we’re creating a safe, inclusive environment where all employees around the world feel connected, valued and inspired to build customer value and contribute to our company’s success.

Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs, are employee-led and Iron Mountain-supported. Members voluntarily join together based on shared life experiences, backgrounds or characteristics. We spoke with the leaders of our Women@IM ERG, Bee Salee and Brandy Metcalfe, to hear a bit more about why they dedicate their time to this role.

A Mountaineer for 16 years, Bee is part of the Global Customer Care team as Director of Customer Experience, Quality Assurance, Escalations and Communication, based in the US. She joined the Women@IM ERG in 2017, and has served as a member of the steering committee for six years.

“I was looking for ways to give back, and be more involved in supporting women,” said Bee. “The ERG provided the perfect platform to have a voice and make a difference. It's true that it's a demanding role. We often say ‘passion over bandwidth’ - that need to do the right thing, to help others, is what motivates me.”

When asked how the ERG has supported her personal and professional growth, Bee highlights strong friendships, exposure to and learning from leaders across the company, and “reusable skills”. These include strategy development and execution; team building; defining success metrics; and building and improving processes.

With Bee stepping down at the end of this year at the conclusion of her six-year term as the ERG’s chair, she has a wonderful partner in her successor, Brandy. A nine-year Mountaineer, Brandy’s a people leader in the Commercial organization, currently serving as a Customer Success Program Manager in the US.

“I'm now in my sixth year on our Women@IM ERG's Steering Committee,” said Brandy. She’s held leadership roles to support both professional development and mental health initiatives. “Over the years, I've been lucky to have collaborated with steering committee members of our peer ERGs through co-sponsored events and cross promotions.”

With her involvement across several ERGs beyond Women@IM, it’s clear Brandy makes time for what she believes in. “Being an active advocate and ally; providing a safe space for dialogue; challenging the status quo; educating and opening minds and perspectives; being able to share useful resources to those who need them - this motivates me to keep moving forward.”

You can learn more about Iron Mountain’s values here.