Iron Mountain installs company’s third largest solar power system


Iron Mountain installs solar array above underground Iron Mountain storage facility

January 16, 20245 mins
Solar panels in a field installed by Iron Mountain

An onsite solar power project signed in 2017 to provide almost 80% of the power consumption at our Rosendale, NY facility has been completed this year. The 96,000 square foot facility is completely underground, leaving plenty of land above ground to use for the solar farm.

“This particular solar array is unique for us,” said Dan Anninos, VP, Global FM, Sustainability & Project Delivery. “The array is installed above one of Iron Mountain's very first storage facilities, our underground limestone mine space located in upstate New York. We took advantage of our above ground space, without impacting the environment and put the space to good use, supplying our local electricity grid with renewable power for decades to come.”

Iron Mountain’s global solar footprint is over 21.3 megawatts - with this project coming in at 1.6 megawatts. We’re in a unique position to benefit from onsite solar, since even a relatively small rooftop solar system can often produce as much energy as the site consumes. This project is also “pollinator-friendly solar”, meaning we grow pollinator-friendly plants underneath the solar panels to provide habitat and food for birds, bees, butterflies and other insects.

You can learn more about our sustainability reporting and goals here.