Variety VIP+ Webinar: Archiving Entertainment

There’s no question content is one of the most valuable assets in Hollywood, which means protecting it for generations to come should be the industry’s highest priority.

June 7, 20227 mins
Variety VIP+ Webinar: Archiving Entertainment

But while many understand the importance of preserving the rich history of entertainment, mainstream media does little to highlight the urgency of proper archiving. Thanks to technological advancements, the industry has been forced to embrace change, but there is still a never-ending abundance of learning left to do.

Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP+) dove deep on the topic, producing the data-filled special report “Archiving Entertainment” — presented by physical/digital asset preservation leader Iron Mountain Media and Archive Services — as well as this companion webinar.

Variety sat down with Iron Mountain Media and Archive Services GM Lance Podell, VP of Technology Denis Leconte and archivist and records management expert Anthony Jackson to unpack the ins and outs of content preservation.

You can read the recap here.

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