Time Studios and UMG's groundbreaking partnership to film in Iron Mountain Media and Archive Services vaults

A groundbreaking partnership between Time Studios and Universal Music Group (UMG) is set to take place, with Iron Mountain Media and Archive Services vaults providing the perfect setting for this unique collaboration.

May 8, 20237 mins
Time Studios and UMG's Groundbreaking Partnership to Film in IMES Vaults

Time Studios will have access to UMG's extensive music archives, aiming to create and distribute premium content that allows audiences to explore the rich legacy of music through various multimedia formats.

As a leading provider of media asset management services, Iron Mountain Media and Archive Services has been a crucial partner to UMG in preserving and maintaining their unrivaled music archive, encompassing the works of legendary artists, composers, and a wealth of valuable recordings, photographs, and manuscripts. Iron Mountain Media and Archive Services' expertise in content management and preservation will support Time Studios and UMG in delivering exceptional experiences to music fans worldwide.

This partnership highlights a shared vision of preserving and celebrating the power of music, its influence on culture, and its ability to inspire and connect people. Time Studios' access to UMG's vast collection will lead to the development of documentaries, podcasts, immersive experiences, and more, unveiling the stories behind the world's most iconic music.

As Time Studios continues to expand its content offerings, this partnership further solidifies its position as a leading producer of premium, immersive storytelling. Filming within Iron Mountain Media and Archive Services vaults, Time Studios and UMG are poised to enrich their content, bringing exclusive and engaging experiences to millions of music fans globally.

In a time where demand for innovative and captivating content is at an all-time high, the collaboration between Time Studios and UMG, supported by Iron Mountain Media and Archive Services, marks an exciting new chapter in the world of music and entertainment.

To dive deeper into this groundbreaking collaboration and stay up-to-date on the latest developments, read the full article here.

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