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Iron Mountain & TriMetis Life Sciences

End-to-end pathology solutions

Pathology is an integral part of patient care, helping provide critical diagnostic information to clinicians from diagnosing cancer to managing chronic diseases through accurate laboratory testing. Increasingly, surgeons, radiologists, and oncologists rely on pathologists and pathology labs to determine the presence of diseases and help make the correct diagnosis.

Iron Mountain’s pathology solutions are transforming the field of pathology and lab operations – from physical storage to slide digitization to digital storage. Our new partnership with TriMetis Life Sciences empowers pathology labs to commercialize, manage, and monetize their archives. Beyond archive management, by leveraging AI, laboratories can automate workflows through a robust rules engine, run tissue quality assessments, and run internal and external AI apps through TriMetis app syndication platform.

Together, we offer solutions and services to:
  • Convert stored physical glass pathology slides into digital images, capturing each slide’s metadata, and linking slide images to patients’ medical records.
  • Securely store digital images and data on Iron Cloud scalable cloud storage.
  • Manage corresponding physical pathology slides, blocks, and data through Iron Mountain Digital Pathology on Demand.
  • Run TriMetis Computer Assisted Pathology (TCAP) AI quality control assessment of H&E images to determine tumor morphology and cellularity presence and content.
  • Increase efficiency at your organization with streamlined operations and fully automated workflows by leveraging the power of ARCH LabFlow laboratory automation, removing manual hand-off of physical slides.
  • Accelerate human tissue-based research, development, and testing using the ARCH Ecosystem’s online predictive biomarker AI analyses and corresponding testing genomic and immunohistochemistry services.
  • Empower your organization to monetize archives by supplying inventories to researchers safely and securely through TriMetis’ ARCH Marketplace.

The Iron Mountain-TriMetis partnership allows your organization to make a real impact in your research and development by delivering unparalleled access and information while saving time and money.


The Iron Mountain & TriMetis difference

Explore our end-to-end pathology services

Pathology slides

Pathology Slide Digitization

Iron Mountain’s digital pathology solutions are designed to help labs unleash the vast potential of archived biospecimens and data. With whole slide imaging and online viewing via a secure online portal, pathologists can search, annotate, and share images to facilitate collaboration and research while protecting PHI (Protected Health Information).

Now, with TriMetis’ Computer-Assisted Pathology (TCAP), pathologists can utilize artificial intelligence to automate the analysis of H&E images eliminating additional time, effort, and cost. Artificial Intelligence analyzes activities such as stain quality, quantifying spatial relationships, morphology, and counting pathological features more easily. This fully automated workflow solution allows for a seamless transition to a comprehensive digital pathology system without the need for complex IT installations.

Digital Storage

High-resolution whole slide images can exceed 1GB each, and with labs potentially producing thousands of slides per day, digital storage of images can often be challenging. Iron Mountain’s Iron Cloud data management solution offers scalability, cost-effective pricing, and data encryption and security measures.

TriMetis' ARCH Ecosystem leverages Iron Cloud digital storage solutions for digital image management. This includes the ARCH Marketplace and ARCH LabFlow systems, powered by TCAP (TriMetis Computer-Assisted Pathology Quality Control AI). Labs can now efficiently manage their digital pathology images, physical assets, associated data, and AI-enhanced information with an internet connection and web browser.

The ARCH Marketplace also allows hospital and pathology clients to inventory, search, recall, and view pathology AI analyses, as well as internally share or commercially monetize assets for research purposes. Upcycle your archived assets rather than paying to hold or destroy them.

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Laboratory Automation

By integrating ARCH LabFlow with Iron Mountain's services, laboratories can streamline their operations through digital image management, leverage workflow to automate tasks, a rules engine to manage the processing and prioritization of AI, and designate communications from activities, events, and tasks.

Seamless Integration

The inclusion of flexible APIs and integration interfaces to LIMS, Biobanking, and EMRs, along with robotics technology through the combination of ARCH LabFlow with Iron Mountain's DPOD capabilities, eliminate manual aspects of physical handling processes in the lab. This comprehensive solution empowers clients to automate their laboratories efficiently, enhancing productivity and reducing costs.

Storage Management

Iron Mountain has over 70 years of proven experience in storage management, protecting an organization’s assets, and extending the value of data. Today, Iron Mountain stores over 1 billion pathology slides and blocks on behalf of its customers. Now, our partnership with TriMetis revolutionizes storage management for labs.

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