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Despite government’s progress in citizen experience, there is still opportunity to leverage existing data to take digital services to the next level. This requires significant back-end improvements, particularly in handling unstructured and siloed data. To address this, agencies can build a strong data foundation that digitizes and integrates data across all aspects of the organization using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

January 29, 20245 mins
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Today’s citizens demand a higher degree of service delivery from state and local government agencies, influenced by experiences from digital interactions with private sector organizations. Whether it’s renewing a driver’s license or paying taxes, registering to vote or trying to find simple information, citizens are seeking digital-first interactions that are faster, seamless and more personalized. In fact, in a recent report by Harvard Business Review, 60 percent of sampled U.S. residents report a strong preference for digital channels, compared with 30 percent for phone and 27 percent for in-person government interactions.

Governments have made significant progress in citizen experience (CX), such as making citizen information available online and interacting with users via apps and digital services. However there is still opportunity to leverage existing data to take digital services to the next level. Per a recent NASCIO survey, 41 percent of state CIOs are continuing to struggle with data and information quality requirements and the complexity of digitalization. Fortunately, the survey also found that CIOs are also overwhelmingly prioritizing the integration of technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), which could help accelerate these long-standing efforts.

Getting started

A key aspect to implementing robust digital services is making massive back-end improvements – that is the data foundation that integrates data across all aspects of the organization. In many cases, this data is unstructured, siloed and therefore inaccessible for analyzing, sharing and informing decision-making. The shift begins with digitalizing existing records - both electronic and analog. To jump start unlocking valuable data trapped on records, agencies should consider Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to make automated digitalization and valuable metadata capture a reality.

Bringing value to your agency

Iron Mountain InSight® IDP is a one-touch solution that securely captures digital data in concert with the digitalization process, enabling government agencies to interact with their core applications and extract valuable insights. Powered with AI and Machine Learning (ML), the solution can extract information eight times faster, and with better accuracy than traditional methods. This provides a quick and cost-effective way to digitize data trapped on paper, microfiche, tapes,pdfs and more.

Did you know?

Delivering more digital engagement is consistently top of mind for state chief information officers. In fact, digital government has made NASCIO’s annual State CIO Top 10 Priorities list every year since 2018.

Digitalization helps Pennsylvania remotely process unemployment claims

In 2020, the pandemic-induced economic downturn led to an unprecedented surge in unemployment claims nationwide. In Pennsylvania, the Department of Labor & Industry faced a drastic increase from 1,000 to 27,000 claims daily, while also struggling with limited on-site staff to process them efficiently. To address this challenge, the department partnered with Iron Mountain to implement its Iron Mountain InSight® capability that enabled nearly 200 employees to remotely handle claims. In less than a month, the program was fully operational, producing over 1.7 million images monthly and successfully clearing a backlog of claims. Now in 2024, as the department continues on its digital journey, authorized users are now able to search for, retrieve, and share the information they need 24/7, from any location. This digital transformation serves as a best practice for other government agencies aiming to enhance citizen experience and service delivery.

Why Iron Mountain ?

Iron Mountain Government Solutions has assisted numerous state and local customers with highly secure intelligent digitalization of everything from personally identifiable information (PII) located within health charts, to DMV records, to education-related data. Through Iron Mountain InSight® IDP, we’ve partnered with government agencies to transform structured and unstructured data into digital experiences for their citizens. For the past 70 years, Iron Mountain has been a leader in helping state and local government agencies manage valuable records and the full information life cycle. To address challenges encountered by organizations on digital journeys, Iron Mountain developed Iron Mountain InSight® solution, an information management platform designed to enhance citizen experiences. In collaboration with leading partners like Google and Amazon, Iron Mountain’s solutions’ use proven AI/ML technology to proactively and effectively drive government missions.

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