Delivering more digital engagement is top of mind for state chief information officers

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When digitizing citizen records, do you know if they are "˜intelligent'? Simply scanning a file full of paper produces "˜flat' images. They can be stored electronically, but can they be searched for key data points?

February 3, 20237 mins
Delivering More Digital Engagement is Top of Mind for State Chief Information Officers

Delivering digital constituent services... Intelligently

Citizens are increasingly online and ready to communicate digitally in everyday activities. Leading commercial enterprises are meeting consumer needs where they want, when they want, and how they want. Naturally, citizens are expecting this same level of service from their government. As a result, government agencies are focusing on IT modernization and creating improved digital-user interactions.

Delivering more digital engagement is top of mind for state chief information officers. On this year's NASCIO State CIO Top 10 Priorities list, the second ranked category was Digital Government/ Digital Services, which encompasses "framework for digital services; portal; improving and digitizing citizen experience; accessibility; identity management; digital assistants; privacy" as key areas of focus. In addition, a recent Deloitte Insights survey of government officials found that nearly 75 percent of respondents indicated that COVID-19 has accelerated their government's digital transformation,but felt their organizations' digital efforts haven't gone far enough.


Whether it’s renewing a driver’s license or paying taxes, registering to vote or trying to find simple information, governments are turning to digital-first services that must provide meaningful, productive, and intuitive citizen experiences.


A key aspect of implementing robust digital services is making massive back-end improvements. In many cases, these improvements begin with existing records - both electronic and analog. As government agencies continue to advance digital services, they should consider Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to make digitalization and data accessibility a reality.

Producing an intelligent document

Scanning a paper record produces ‘flat’ image files. Although these images can be stored electronically, “simple scans” provide no digital data to allow efficient searches or flow of information to agency applications. Intelligent documents make information securely accessible to support the mission.

A one-touch IDP solution captures digital data in concert with the digitization process to enable government agencies to interface with their core applications to glean insight and understanding. IDP couples with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to extract information eight times faster, and with better accuracy, than traditional optical character recognition (OCR) methods. This provides an economic and quick way to digitize data trapped on paper, microfiche, tapes, and more.


75% of respondents indicated that COVID-19 has accelerated their government’s digital transformation


Bringing value to constituents

Iron Mountain Government Solutions has assisted numerous state and local customers with intelligent digitization of everything from personally identifiable information (PII)located within health charts, to DMV records, to education-related data. Powered by Iron Mountain's InSight® IDP, we've helped government agencies enable digitalizationand data accessibility, crucial to best in class digital experiences for their citizens.

Why Iron Mountain

We've been helping state and local government agencies manage valuable records and the full information life cycle for over 70 years. To address challenges encountered by organizations on digital journeys, Iron Mountain developed our InSight solution, an information management platform designed to enhance constituent experiences. The Insight Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) component uses proven AI/ML technology in collaboration with leading partners like Google and Amazon.


To see a demo or learn more about how IDP and our InSight solution can help your organization extract value from your information,contact us at