Streamlining and organizing data on the back end needs to be a major component of all modernization efforts

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Is your agency on a path to digitalization and data accessibility, as well as improving digital constituent services? Consider taking an intelligent approach. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) enables your back office to become a strategic supporter of front-end digital-first services. Read "Eliminating the Endless Search for Data - Intelligent Document Processing" to discover how IDP turns unstructured and semi-structured data into searchable, usable information.

February 3, 20237 mins
Eliminating the Endless Search for Data

Eliminating the endless search for data

Intelligent Document Processing

As state and local government agencies continue to expand digital citizen services and generate new data, much of that information continues to end up in legacy systems where nothing “talks” and nothing is connected. According to an estimate from MIT, as much as 90 percent of electronic data is unstructured. Whether it’s in a database silo or a stand-alone cloud repository, information is too often inaccessible.

A report on the Future of Government by Deloitte Insights found that by “using common infrastructure and technology, traditional back offices can become center offices that strategically support a plethora of functions and front-end government operations.” Streamlining and organizing data on the back end needs to be a major component of all modernization efforts.

The data inaccessibility


State and local government agencies frequently have limited insight into many data repositories, lack basic awareness of contents, and ultimately spend many hours a week searching for, locating, and extracting important information. Access is further impaired by data trapped in analog formats (i.e.,paper, fiche, etc.). By 2023, at least 85 percent of government entities without a total experience strategy will fail to successfully transform digital services. According to Gartner, Inc, “Governments that continue to focus on citizen and employee experience initiatives separately will miss out on essential synergies to effectively transform their services.”

The data access


State and local government agencies seek to modernize operations by adopting and integrating emerging technologies and systems that support secure, flexible work environments, while delivering streamlined services to constituents. An IDP solution will extract useful information from both structured and unstructured documents, enabling optimal document process automation that’s more than 50 percent faster and more accurate than traditional scanning and OCR solutions – at a 30 percent cost savings. This drives operational efficiencies for the agency’s workforce and is a critical step towards enterprise information management. IDP enables organizations’ pursuit of automated data processing, improved data accessibility, and more robust content searching, while:

  • Enhancing the citizen experience
  • Integrating with REST APIs that feed customer repositories
  • Complying with data privacy and security
  • Focusing on cost savings, return on investment (ROI), and outcomes
  • Eliminating government process backlogs with digitized, structured data collection and retrieval capabilities to provide faster information access
  • Using data analytics and qualitative information to select high-priority work

Iron Mountain’s InSight® IDP solution, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, delivers a platform for advancing organizations’ digitalization and data accessibility journey. InSight® identifies key fields on each record and digitally captures data as files move through the IDP digitization process. With one touch, data in documents becomes valuable information – to be searched, queried and used in applications that enable automated workflows.


As agencies continue on the path to digitalization, data accessibility and digital constituent services, consider how you are capturing information on the back-end to ensure accessibility on the front-end. Tagging and classifying documents is critical to the success of your teams, enabling them to locate and unlock digitized data. Advancements in automated data capture and unstructured data accessibility are enabling streamline mission attainment and digital delivery of services, resulting in superior citizen experience.

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