Internal company communication - how to improve it in the digital age?

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Want to know how to improve your company's internal communications? Check out the latest information on digital solutions to improve your company's processes!

March 19, 20247 mins
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Wondering how to improve your company's internal communications? Build a solid foundation with the digital transformation of your business. On it, you will be able to create and deepen positive relationships within your team and respond appropriately to challenges or issues that arise. Be sure to read about improving internal communication in the digital age.

Improving internal communication in your company - why should you?

Digital transformation has irreversibly changed the way companies operate, with new models of action and collaboration evolving and reshaping themselves at the level of the organisation itself. Internal communication within a company, based on the digitalisation of individual activities, allows you to create a smooth, friendly and functional working environment, which is essential to build a competitive advantage and achieve your business goals. Digital solutions will also help you shape the right employee culture and eliminate misunderstandings within the team.


Improve internal communication within the company through enterprise digital transformation

Modern digital internal communication tools enable dynamic and rapid dialogue between employees at every level and department. They enable you to optimise the execution of individual activities within the company, which will have a positive impact not only in the internal functioning of your business, but also in external business relations.

Investing in technology will allow you to properly motivate your employees and increase their productivity, while you as an employer will be able to attract the best talent and negate the risk of losing valuable employees.

Improving your internal communications - one-stop solutions from Iron Mountain

Switch from traditional, paper-based forms of communication to digital solutions from Iron Mountain that will streamline internal employee interactions and standardise the management, transfer and filing of resources.

You yourself will find it easier to identify areas that are working optimally and identify elements that need to be modified. Such improved internal communication within the company will become the foundation for making sound business decisions based on reliable data.

Improve internal communication with Digital Mailroom

Automate your paper mail handling with the Digital Mailroom solution. All your correspondence will be collected according to strict procedures, scanned and placed in a centralised and


Relieve your employees of the responsibility of distributing, sorting and archiving mail in the traditional way. They will gain access to the documentation database in a digitised form. This will make it easier and quicker to find the information they need and will eliminate the risk of losing or mistakenly destroying certain data.

Importantly, multiple people will be able to work on the same document at the same time, ensuring continuity of tasks and duties without unnecessary downtime.

Efficient document distribution

The integration of digital correspondence with the systems you already have in place (email, Microsoft Office, Salesforce or ERP) will improve the functioning of all departments and communication between them. From now on, information will be logically linked and correlated, speeding up and optimising the work of the various units. 

Cost reduction

Staff will gain access to unlocked data that they can view and interpret via dashboards. This means more time for tasks that are strategically important and add value to your business.

You yourself will be able to implement an effective budget policy and reduce the expenses associated with handling traditional correspondence.

Transform the accounts payable process

Improve the communication of the accounts payable department by digitising all accounting invoices. When documents arrive at the accounts payable department from different locations in a wide variety of formats, templates or languages, employees are forced into laborious and time-consuming tasks with a high risk of human error. In such a pattern, there are also delays in or complete omissions of payments.

Take advantage of the eVault solution from Iron Mountain. It is a system that facilitates the management of both digital documents and those in the paper archive. All invoices and incoming documents to your business will be unified into a compliant and catalogued digital form and placed in a secure information and content management database.

You can integrate the platform with your existing ERP systems. Thanks to the indexing of all types of documents in the most diverse forms, your employees will be able to find the relevant metadata to help them operate freely across all business processes within the company.

Digital transformation of the HR department

Improve your HR department's internal communications by digitising your employee records. At Iron Mountain, we will convert your entire paper archive of employee files into a digital version for you. In addition, your documents can be e-stamped with a qualified e-stamp to guarantee consistency with the original paper version. With HR e-file, your designated persons have 24/7 remote access to the database.


HR and HR will quickly get to the information they are looking for without having to sift through silos of paper documentation or find specific data from individual, isolated systems.

Their work will be limited to only a small part of the process - they will need to hand over employee folders and any associated letters or notes at a designated time and in an agreed manner. Documents will be compiled into the correct files and Iron Mountain staff will update the inventory of contents.

Proactive management of employed staff

By automating employee files, HR and HR will gain an average of 27% of working time to use on strategic tasks and streamline soft HR elements. It will be able to focus on managing staff, especially those newly recruited. This action strategy can reduce turnover in the initial hiring periods.

Iron Mountain® Workflow Automation™ - automate your processes (workflow)

Gain end-to-end control over all company processes that need to be completed within a specific timeframe and initiate action by individual employees through automated reminders and redirections to those responsible for completing them.

Workflow automation will enable you to bracket all the elements covered by the digital transformation and achieve maturity in the company's internal communication. By integrating isolated areas of activity into a single, coherent workflow, you will consolidate individual departments and coordinate the work of the entire company.

Embark on the path of digital transformation and take your company's communications to the next level

Digitising processes to integrate individual departments within your organisation will allow you to build a cohesive team focused on common corporate goals. At the same time, you will have the tools to support hybrid or remote working systems. Contact Iron Mountain by phone: 801 800 802 or by email, check out the details on how to improve communication in your company.

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