Maximizing laptop reclaim efficiency

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Expert Tips for IT Asset Managers Managing Departing Employees

June 16, 20237 mins
Maximizing Laptop Reclaim Efficiency

Expert tips for IT asset managers managing departing employees

Every company must take laptop retrieval seriously to safeguard its data and assets, particularly when employees leave the organization. This is where IT asset managers play a crucial role in securing and efficiently retrieving laptops. In this article, we’ll discuss why protecting company data is important, the risks of departing employees taking data with them, and the need for a secure laptop reclamation process.

Prevent company data from walking out the door

Protecting company data should always be top of mind, especially when employees leave the company. Intentionally or unintentionally, they may take this information with them. Losing sensitive information, such as financial records, customer data, and trade secrets, can devastate a company’s brand and financial well-being. Secure laptop reclamation is essential to prevent data breaches and safeguard a company’s reputation.

Preparing for laptop reclamation:

For efficient and secure laptop retrieval, IT asset managers must establish clear policies and procedures and communicate them effectively. Maintaining an accurate inventory of company devices, including laptops, helps ensure that nothing is overlooked. The use of technology can help IT asset managers track company devices and facilitate the reclamation process.

Coordination with HR and department managers can also make the laptop reclamation process more manageable, while automating the process can help eliminate errors and support scalability.

Laptop reclaim

Identifying departing employees and informing them of the process often makes for a smooth and secure laptop retrieval process. Collecting laptops as soon as possible after an employee leaves, and using secure collection methods to protect company data during transit, minimizes the risk of data breaches.

A centralized process can help establish a predictable and consistent system that minimizes human errors. Additionally, by providing a box, label, and prepaid shipping, the retrieval process can be conducted promptly and efficiently.

Secure data wiping for disposal or redeployment

When it’s time for laptop retrieval, securely wiping all data from an employee’s laptop before it is shipped back to the IT department is an essential first step. Providing documentation of the data-wiping process is necessary for compliance purposes. If the retrieved laptops are still functional, they can be redeployed. Otherwise, they should be disposed of properly through an IT asset disposition process.

Final thoughts

The secure and efficient retrieval of laptops is a fundamental component of protecting company data, and IT asset managers are instrumental in achieving this. Clear policies and procedures, an accurate inventory of company devices, technology to support the reclamation process, and coordination with HR and department managers are all necessary for a smooth laptop retrieval process.

Lastly, to implement these best practices most successfully, IT asset managers should consider working with a vendor with an established data security and protection track record.

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