Safely & securely accelerating data center decommissioning

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Achieve fast, scalable, and sustainable Asset Lifecycle Management with Iron Mountain's Teraware.

June 20, 20237 mins
Safely & securely accelerating data center decommissioning

Achieve fast, scalable, and sustainable Asset Lifecycle Management with Iron Mountain’s Teraware.

Decommissioning data center assets is a complex and challenging process that requires significant resources and, most importantly, time that most IT organizations don’t have. With the growing trend of data center consolidation, circular economics, and the shift to cloud computing, IT leaders and data center managers face increasing pressure to safely and securely decommission data center assets. This process needs to be completed quickly to protect sensitive data, free up data center space and resources, minimize disruption and maximize the value of retiring assets.

Unfortunately, current decommissioning methods tend to be expensive, time- consuming, and often lack the necessary security measures to keep data secure. This article explains how Iron Mountain Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) can help organizations accelerate data center decommissioning while providing secure and certified data destruction.

Improving Data Sanitization with Teraware

Secure data center decommissioning requires organizations to implement comprehensive discovery, ensure total data destruction, and deliver auditable proof of complete disposition. However, without agile decommissioning solutions, organizations risk wasting valuable time, resources, and data center space, as well as jeopardizing their data security. Teraware, our proprietary data sanitization platform, designed in, with, and for data centers, addresses these challenges and more. With automated discovery, erasure, and reporting, Teraware virtually eliminates the possibility of missed drives, minimizes manual operations, and generates audit-compliant records. Teraware can sanitize almost any data center in about four days, and can even sanitize data-bearing assets while they’re still in their cabinets—no screwdrivers required.

Optimizing Data Center Decommissioning Results

Iron Mountain ALM has over 20 years of experience decommissioning data centers for the world’s most demanding operators and more than 70 years of experience protecting the confidential information of Fortune 1000 enterprises. By combining Teraware’s automated capabilities with our industry-leading remarketing experience, we are uniquely equipped to solve data center decommissioning challenges. We have erased over 10 million devices with Teraware, and to date, no data has ever been recovered, even in forensic testing. Our customers have reported that our solutions deliver higher value recovery than alternatives.

By partnering with us, organizations leverage our extensive experience and advanced technology, enabling efficient management of retired IT assets, complete transparency in the remarketing process, and an accelerated approach to data center decommissioning.

Your Trusted Partner for Data Center Decommissioning

With our comprehensive solutions for data center decommissioning, organizations that collaborate with us reap numerous advantages, such as robust data security, expedited decommissioning, maximized value recovery, and clarity in the remarketing processes. We are the reliable partner that organizations can count on to manage all their data center decommissioning requirements.

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