The pulse of itad: five things you need to know about e-waste recycling

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It might surprise you to learn that there are more mobile phones on this planet than there are human beings.

July 16, 20217 mins
Secure & sustainable IT asset disposition

Many consumers, however, have no idea where these devices finally go when they no longer wish to use them and dispose of them. They don't just disappear into plain sight. Electronic waste (e-waste) is electronic products that have become obsolete, unwanted, or no longer work. Good examples of e-waste include: computer components, printers, computers, microwaves, and smartphones. Because many people don't give much thought to where their e-waste goes, you might not know any other way to dispose of it other than to throw it into the trash, and ultimately the landfills. Recycling e-waste is not entirely new, but many people may not know what is recycled. If you are one of them, this recent article in PC Tech Magazine highlights some things that you ought to know:

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