Flexibility, reliability and scalability: logicalis case study

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Logicalis needed a strategic data center partner that could rapidly engineer and deploy their environment while minimizing cost. See why they ultimately chose Iron Mountain.

July 11, 20208 mins
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  • Ability to deploy large-scale, just-in-time data center solutions
  • Integrated DCIM capabilities for monitoring, alarming, remote control, and management
  • Modular technology that includes 100% of the critical infrastructure required for a high-density, always-on data center


An international provider of integrated information andcommunications technology (ICT) solutions and services, Logicaliswanted to expand its cloud solution environment to support theever-growing demand from its customers. With an immediate need toexpand their growing cloud computing services, they required a datacenter solution-and fast.

Logicalis needed a provider that could grow with it: a strategicpartner that could rapidly engineer and deploy a highly available,redundant computing environment while minimizing cost as well asmaximizing return on investment. Flexibility, reliability and scalabilitywere all required attributes that Logicalis' current data centerprovider lacked.

Because Logicalis' consulting practice helps customers with cloudreadiness assessments that include data center evaluation anddesign, the company knows what a state-of-the-art data centershould look like. Iron Mountain was already a trusted partner withtheir Phoenix colocation offering. In addition to the company'senterprise-class infrastructure and deep operational experience,Logicalis appreciated Iron Mountain's innovative modular technologyand expandable data center platform to support business growth.

"We needed someone agile,but which could also scale inflexible increments that fit ourbusiness needs. Their modulardata center technologydelivered just that, and more."

  - Bob Mobach, Data Center Director,Logicalis

Preparing forunpredictablegrowth

"As our cloud business and customer base grows, it is hard to predict what the growth pattern will be. That's why we decided not tobe in the data center infrastructure business when it came to expanding our cloud computing solutions," says Bob Mobach, Data Center Director at Logicalis.

"With Iron Mountain, we have a highly available, redundant computing environment for the cloud and no longer need to wait for the facility to expand to meet our needs."

High density and energy efficiency were critical factors for Logicalis.

"Accommodating up to 18 cabinets in the module, 8.5 KW per cabinet, the power density of Iron Mountain's modular data center infrastructure is significant. It was an easy decision to move forward with their densely packed, cloud- and blade-centric infrastructure," Mobach says.

From power delivery to cooling to network connectivity, everything is integrated to ensure high availability and business continuity in the cloud. Logical is initially set out to achieve the overall objectives of flexibility and reliability as well as scalability.

"Not only was this achieved in a rapid manner, it was done so efficiently through Iron Mountain's modular data center technology that it will forever change the way in which we plan, deploy and manage our datacenters," says Mobach.

IT innovators like Logical is are demonstrating a clear market preference for data centers that can deliver just-in-time, scalable and software-optimized solutions.

"Iron Mountain is rewriting the book in fast IT infrastructure deployment,"Mobach says.

"From the day we signed our contract to when our modular datacenter was ready took less than one month. They provide us with an enterprise-class data center solution that helps us meet customer demand to day and also allows us to expand quickly to support business growth tomorrow."