Gas pipeline project delivers with workflow automation

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Learn how Azerbaijan and Turkey supply energy resources to Europe while facilitating efficient content management through Iron Mountain's ECM platform.

November 13, 20238 mins
Gas pipeline project delivers with workflow automation




Manual bottlenecks and workflow delays due to wet-ink signatures and paper mail processes for contract and onboarding paperwork


enVision content management system


  • Achieves time and costs savings via automation
  • Provides document traceability for better efficiency
  • Allows flexibility to boost innovation and improve project-wide collaboration
  • Saves tons of paper via environmentally-friendly automation

As the longest stretch of the Southern Gas Corridor, the Trans-Anatolian NaturalGas Pipeline (TANAP) spans 1,200 miles, delivering gas from Azerbaijan to Turkey and Europe. The pipeline is a joint project between the Turkish and Azerbaijani governments, with support from several international partners. It signals successful political and economic cooperation in the field of energy.

Throughout its lifecycle, a project of this size and scope generates volumes of documentation. As a result, all stakeholders need a way to efficiently manage and access that content — including contracts, engineering drawings, environmental impact assessments, and correspondence. In response, the TANAP team implemented the enterprise content management system, enVision, now part of Iron Mountain.

The comprehensive system provides advanced features for document management, collaboration, and workflow automation. Since implementation, it has helped TANAP streamline document management processes, improve information sharing, and enhance collaboration. Throughout the project lifecycle, TANAP has experienced significant benefits, including time and cost savings, document traceability, and flexibility.

Continuous process improvements

TANAP highly values communication and collaboration among management, employees, contractors, and other key stakeholders. To facilitate this work ethic, the TANAP team originally developed an in-house system for managing its documents. Soon they decided to upgrade to a more sophisticated solution.

“We invited several companies for a proof-of-concept study, then tested and compared them,” said Gurban Karimov, an IT manager for TANAP. “After a detailed investigation and evaluation process, we chose enVision for its flexibility, user-friendly interface, and compliance with our document management requirements.”

Since implementing enVision, TANAP has streamlined its document management processes, enhancing collaboration. During pipeline construction, all project stakeholders had access to vital information. Now that the pipeline is up and running, the solution continues to support efficiency and information-sharing for operations.

Solution flexibility and technical support

Deemed a highly successful project for both Turkey and Azerbaijan, TANAP was completed on time and under budget. The TANAP team attributes their achievement to hard work and effort. They also credit the enVision team for technical support and innovation behind the scenes. Both the system and the enVision experts demonstrated flexibility in meeting the needs of the TANAP project.

The solution offered a high level of security with an encrypted file repository to protect document privacy. Flexible pricing and customizable reporting tools catered to the TANAP team’s demands. And the solution’s language options supported communication across borders.

“All engineering and design documents, internal and external correspondences, minutes of meetings, and other documents were processed and distributed,” Karimov said. “The enVision solution provided a great deal of efficiency in terms of time management and traceability.”

Environmentally-friendly automation

By providing uninterrupted automation through enVision, the TANAP team has transformed paper-based business processes into an integrated digital environment. This saves time, reduces costs and errors, and contributes to a more sustainable planet.

TANAP stores more than half a million documents and revisions in its electronic document management system. It also carries out document-related processes digitally via this system, saving vast amounts of paper, and the time it would have taken to move these processes manually.

enVision serves as a central repository and single source of truth. Now, the team can effectively track and manage documents, archives, and workflows — all in a cost-effective paperless environment.

Information management for the energy industry

The TANAP collaboration across Azerbaijan and Turkey is delivering a reliable source of natural gas to Turkey and the European Union. The secure, modern enVision content management system supports this enterprise. By unlocking the power of information, energy companies like TANAP can accelerate innovation, boost sustainability, and reduce expenditure.

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