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Customer Success Stories

Learn how life sciences organizations are using Iron Mountain Secure Storage to keep up with regulatory retention requirements while remaining agile and responsive to changing market needs.

May 1, 20208 mins
Secure business storage for pharma and life sciences- A pharma lab technician

Are you struggling to keep up with supply chain and regulatory challenges associated with drug, device or medical supplies development? Do you need more space to run your business?

Your challenge

The development of drugs and devices is often challenged by complex supply chain processes and numerous prototypes or clinical trials in order to validate the safety and efficacy of the product prior to market release. Rapid production requires large volumes of raw materials remain readily accessible for manufacturing. And to meet the requirements of various regulatory bodies, most notably the FDA, organizations must retain original prototypes as well as trial documentation for specified periods of time.

As your organization strives to keep the product pipeline full, development costs down and time to market short, it can be difficult to free up the space and resources necessary to support these ever-expanding demands.

The solution

Iron Mountain Secure Business Storage helps organizations keep up with regulatory retention requirements while remaining agile and responsive to changing market needs. With Iron Mountain, you can store and manage large pallets of raw materials/components, early prototypes, batch samples and even trial-related data and devices securely with scale and speed.

Customer examples

In fact, many of our Life Sciences customers today leverage this service to:

  • minimize disruption to supply chain by storing raw materials and stockpiles of finished goods across a global network of secured facilities
  • meet regulatory requirements by protecting critical inventory and early prototypes from loss, theft, or damage
  • protect IP, trial data and other sensitive information stored in records and devices throughout its required retention period

Below are just a few examples of how Iron Mountain is helping customers, like you, address these common challenges.

Store and Quickly Deliver Raw Materials To Meet Production Demands

A world leading medical device manufacturer had taken on a development project that would impact how much space their production facility would have available onsite. In order to keep up with demand while construction was underway, they needed space to temporarily store the raw materials required to support ongoing production.

As responsiveness and reliability were of utmost importance, the customer engaged Iron Mountain to move and store 450 pallets of raw materials/components. Using our online web portal they can quickly track inventory availability and easily schedule deliveries as needed to ensure production remains efficient and uninterrupted.

Retain Batch Samples and Prototypes To Comply With Regulatory Requirements

One of the largest medical technology companies in the world recently developed a new syringe and was now actively manufacturing and selling the product. In order to meet regulatory requirements, this organization needed to retain a percentage of batch samples manufactured for a minimum of seven years. Housed in large gaylords and expected to grow 50"“75 additional pallets per year, this inventory would quickly exceed the amount of free space the customer had onsite.

Partnering with Iron Mountain, the customer was able to immediately move the large batches of syringes off site to free up valuable onsite space and establish the scalable storage solution they need to keep up with demand as new inventory is added or as old batches become eligible for destruction.

Protect Sensitive Information and Decommissioned Devices To Reduce Risk

A global leader in generic medicines was working to standardize processes after a recent merger. As part of this effort, the organization had to identify what systems and devices were in use and sunset those that would no longer be supported. Equally important was to ensure any IP or other critical data on the decommissioned devices would be protected and retained in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Through Iron Mountain Secure Business Storage service, the customer was able to store old hard drives in a secure and temperature-controlled space. This enables them to avoid the heavy man hours and expense of migrating largely inactive data to another medium, while also ensuring the information on the drives remains protected yet readily accessible if needed throughout the required retention period.

Why Iron Mountain?

For over 65 years, organizations worldwide have trusted Iron Mountain to store and manage their sensitive and critical assets. Inventory management, regardless of type, is the foundation upon which our company is built. With our Secure Business Storage, you'll gain access to:

  • Secure Storage Iron Mountain facilities are reputed for security: perimeter, entry, and interior. Only authorized users will ever have access to your inventory, and proven fire safety and environmental safeguards ensure their continued viability. Assets are tagged and classified using your own terminology for easy access and retrieval.
  • Auditable Chain of Custody Iron Mountain facilities are governed by strict, industry-leading chain-of-custody procedures. Our proven workflows and technology-enabled tagging means you'll have complete visibility and control over your inventory at all times.
  • Access is Just a Click Away The Iron Mountain Connect application provides online management of your inventory. With just a few clicks, you can search through your inventory, locate what's required, and arrange for delivery by our vetted and trained employees.
  • Seamless, Expedited Delivery Iron Mountain's network of storage and distribution facilities makes shipping items fast, easy, and convenient. We are located close to major cities, airports, and interstate highways, which means we can deliver what you need quickly and efficiently.