Unleashing IT productivity with fast, secure digital processes

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İşNet is helping companies in Turkey achieve digital transformation by freeing them from paper-based manual processes.

November 13, 20238 mins
Unleashing IT productivity with fast, secure digital processes


Information technology


Manual bottlenecks and workflow delays due to wet ink signatures and paper mail processes for contract and onboarding paperwork


enVision enterprise content management system


  • Boosts new customer wins to deliver more revenue
  • Increases savings on inward and outward delivery costs to bolster profitability
  • Improves business speed to optimize customer experiences
  • Secures digital document handling via traceability for regulatory compliance

Founded in 1999, İşNet is an information technology (IT) company helping companies digitally transform via advanced technology. Their offerings span multiple categories including data center infrastructure, cloud optimization, managed monitoring, and e-transformation services. Investments made in robotic process automation, the Internet of things, cyber security, cloud, and artificial intelligence allow İşNet to provide innovative solutions with an eye toward future growth.

Recently, the team set a goal to automate manual processes in their e-document business. İşNet approached the enVision team about helping them become a paperfree organization. Together, they implemented an enterprise content management system to create a more digital experience for employees and customers.

Winning new business through automation

Starting in 2020, İşNet watched its customers rapidly move to a remote work model. Thanks to a strong portfolio of cloud-based solutions, they were ready to support this transition — with one exception. In their e-document business, customers still had to complete all contract and onboarding paperwork with physical signatures. As speed became a competitive differentiator for organizations, this manual bottleneck became unsustainable.

The enVision team worked with İşNet to implement a secure document management system that would allow them to generate and send all paperwork electronically. With its 100% web-based structure, customers can simply log into the system to access their documents, request or apply an e-signatures, and more.

The İşNet team found that its new, automated onboarding process helped them win new business and reduce costs along the way. “The adoption of online contracting processes and the ability to conduct activation procedures on-premises have won us a large number of customers,” said Ayhan Akgöz, Director of e-Transformation Services at İşNet. “Automating processes has made it possible for customers to manage their own contracting and activation processes on an end-toend basis within any time period they like, without having to consult us. Moreover, the reduction in the number of wet-ink contracts has contributed to savings on inward and outward delivery costs.”

Delivering fast, secure solutions for customers

If increasing process speed was İşNet’s primary objective in a new information management solution, security was a close second. Many of its customers operate in highly regulated industries, and require an electronic document management system they can trust to securely organize and transfer documents digitally.

The enVision solution offered the safe paperless environment customers were seeking, offering high-level security with an encrypted file repository. Customer-controlled features such as document access control, version control, and an audit trail help keep documents secure and traceable throughout their lifecycle.

The new enVision platform also increased the speed of business for İşNet’s customers by providing a centralized view of business operations. Customers can generate, organize, and search relevant documentation from an easy-to-use interface. “We have noticed that the ability to draw up contracts and activate them online, in particular, has facilitated the transactions of financial advisors dealing with large numbers of taxpayers,” explained Akgöz. “This has made a considerable difference in terms of time — the most important factor at busy periods. We have received positive feedback in this regard.”

Achieving digital transformation

İşNet found that its previous solutions featuring a mix of physical and digital formats were inhibiting end-to-end digital transformation for customers. Manual bottlenecks and workflow delays made it hard to locate and access essential information, especially for hybrid workforces.

The enVision system has allowed İşNet to provide customers with a new view of operations. Teams no longer have to waste time tracking down forms or signatures from clients. Now, they can generate new forms and request e-signature — all from the same digital platform. enVision provides a unified view of all relevant documents and where they are in the approvals process, ensuring that the right people have access to the right information at the right time. The solution has proven to be a key enabler of digital transformation for many of İşNet’s customers.

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