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Learn how to reduce costs and improve network performance at Iron Mountain

December 19, 20196 mins
Internet Exchange Peering Solution - Abstract

At Iron Mountain data centers, you’re just a cross connect away from major exchanges, as well as hundreds of carriers and cloud providers.

Reach major strategic internet exchange points from a dedicated port within our meet-me-rooms, via our metro wave, via private network transport or through one of our sdn partners.

Iron mountain peering benefits

  • Reduce costs and improve network performance by participating in the rich peering ecosystem of an Iron Mountain data center
  • Peering helps networks reduce latency, improve security and provide greater control over network traffic
  • Access the largest peering exchanges in the world like AMS-IX, LINX and DE-CIX
  • For greater capacity and control, establish private peering with our 1,250+ customers
  • Exchange traffic and extend your network to regions

Why choose Iron Mountain?

With a trusted reputation that goes back to 1951, Iron Mountain is a colocation partner you can count on.

  • Trusted by 225,000 organizations, including 95 percent of the Fortune 1000
  • Comprehensive compliance program meeting FedRAMP criteria
  • Data center interconnection with Metro Wave Services
  • Highly secure facilities with Federal-grade security
  • Global data center platform with 14 facilities on three continents
  • Meet sustainability goals with Iron Mountain's Green Power Pass