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Now you can extend your network reach using data center interconnection.

September 25, 20196 mins
Metro Wave Services - Data cables

Data center interconnection

Today's IT is more complicated than ever. Fortunately, Iron Mountain can help. Introducing Iron Mountain Metro Wave, a suite of network services that enables you to reach provider ecosystems beyond your primary data center.

Extend your reach with Iron Mountain metro wave services

Now you can scale your data center footprint and establish connectivity between your deployments without comprising your cloud and network connectivity needs. Enjoy the protection of an Iron Mountain data center combined with easy, secure and optimized access to interconnection ecosystems of other strategic data centers within the metro regions.

Take advantage of cost effective, highly scalable optical capacity to reach cloud providers, customers, partners, carriers and peering exchanges. With Metro Wave, our rich network ecosystem expands beyond our walls.

Iron Mountain metro wave options:

Unprotected metro wave network service

  • Dedicated optical 10 & 100 G capacity
  • Low latency
  • Cost effective $350 & $1,000 MRC
  • Single path

Diverse metro wave network service

  • Two Metro Waves delivered on diverse paths
  • Active - Active fully independent optical platforms
  • Active - Active for double the capacity
  • Customer controlled protection scheme configuration