Private network transport – Secure dedicated point-to-point connectivity

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January 15, 20206 mins
Point to point network

Iron Mountain data centers provide a rich set of options to meet the ever-growing need for high speed, reliable network services. Our rapidly deployable point-to-point L2 connectivity is available between our data centers, strategic interconnection points, cloud providers, peering exchanges and other data centers leveraging Iron Mountain's 100G network backbone.

Iron Mountain private network transport solutions are scalable and tailored to fit your needs, providing point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity. Iron Mountain’s flexible and configurable network options ensure a network solution that is right for you. 

Iron Mountain private network transport benefits:

  • Private network transport is more secure than public internet
  • More predictable performance than public internet
  • Rapidly scalable to meet connectivity demands
  • Private network transport offers additional network level isolation
  • Configurable and flexible to meet your needs

Why choose Iron Mountain?

With a trusted reputation that goes back to 1951, Iron Mountain is a colocation partner you can count on.

  • Trusted by 225,000 organizations, including more than 90 percent of the Fortune 1000
  • Comprehensive compliance program meeting FedRAMP criteria
  • Data center interconnection with Metro Wave Services
  • Highly secure facilities with Federal-grade security
  • Global data center platform with 14 facilities on three continents
  • Meet sustainability goals with Iron Mountain’s Green Power Pass

Iron Mountain private network transport points

Latency between each of the Iron Mountain Data Centers around the globe