Top 5 things to ask your data center about compliance

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Learn the top 5 things to ask your data center about compliance.

Top 5 Things To Ask Your Data Center About Compliance

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When choosing a colocation provider, the IT team typically looks for reliable infrastructure, robust physical security, ample bandwidth and other technical fundamentals. However, they may overlook a factor that is just as important: compliance.

When outsourcing your data center needs, understanding your colocation provider’s compliance program is of upmost importance. A colocation provider mitigates risk through physical and environmental controls from an operational and security standpoint. Ensuring proper maintenance and operation of critical infrastructure, along with upkeep and continual improvement of a physical security program, are part of a comprehensive compliance program. 

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Here are five things to ask your data center provider about compliance

  1. What certifications do you have?

    What certifications and reports are present at the prospective site? Do these certifications and reports align with your compliance and business needs to ensure the proper physical and environmental controls are in place?

    Your colocation provider should have a SOC 2 Type II report and ISO27001 implemented at a minimum. These two frameworks can provide customers and third parties assurance that a proper Information Security Management System is in place, and that technical audits occur regularly. Depending on your industry, you may also require frameworks outside of SOC and ISO.
  2. What security and operations posture is in place?

    Beyond certifications and reports, it’s important to ask about physical security policies, personnel security policies, service delivery, availability and change practices.

    Going over these ahead of contract execution will provide due diligence that the colocation provider is operating at all levels expected by your organization, outside of what certifications and reports can communicate. 

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