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Healthcare and life sciences organizations are adopting environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives to advance recycling and environmental efforts.

October 24, 20237 mins
Iron Mountain Secure Plastics Disposition
Plastics recycling with secure data disposal


Organizations understand the value of sustainable initiatives and also implement measures to advance recycling or environmental efforts. However, they are often challenged with disposing or recycling materials – particularly plastics – when these include enterprise, proprietary or customer data. Having confidence that the disposition of plastics will keep their data secure without increasing costs would allow organizations to increase adoption of ESG efforts and elevate their reputation.

What if you could...

  • Enable the recycling of streams of plastic without compromising your data?
  • Reduce your business’s waste to landfill and help your organization achieve ESG targets?
  • Differentiate your company as expectations increase for responsible business practices?
  • Gain confidence and confirmation that all data was securely disposed with verifiable chain-of-custody?

Iron Mountain secure plastics disposal

As circular economy and ESG efforts gain momentum, Iron Mountain Secure Circular Solutions offer an innovative way to support sustainability goals with best-in-class security. Our solutions eliminate unnecessary landfill and incineration waste and also help organizations protect their data. Each solution includes a verifiable chain-of-custody that ensures information such as intellectual property, proprietary or company data, internal or external information, and even product or customer data is disposed securely and in a sustainable manner.

Often, disposing or recycling plastics is further complicated when data needs to be secured or privacy concerns need to be addressed. As part of your overall shredding program, Iron Mountain collects, shreds, and aggregates any polypropylene or polyethylene plastic — even if it contains sensitive data — and transports it to a recycling facility. With our service, the collection of secure plastics becomes routine, so recycling gets integrated across your organization as part of your normal operations. Additionally, we offer full chain-of-custody through the entire circular model, ensuring compliance and adhering to your established protocols around data security while still achieving all the benefits of recycling and meeting ESG goals.

How it works

The preferred method of recycling is based on geographic availability and may include molecular recycling, mechanical recycling, or waste-to-energy incineration.

Plastics recycling with secure data disposal
  1. Iron Mountain collects the plastic during normal pickup operations and shreds material to ensure security and chain of custody.
  2. The shredded material is aggregated and securely transported to a recycler.
  3. The material is transformed via one of our circular recycling solutions into new plastic products or energy.

What you gain

  • Ease of recycling plastics securely that can be implemented seamlessly into your processes
  • Reduction of waste management costs with an efficient, standardized service
  • Achieve your organizational ESG goals with an impactful recycling program

With Iron Mountain Secure Circular Solutions, you also receive training to adopt the program and ensure there are no program gaps, and our dedicated team will answer any questions to support your plans.

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