Iron Mountain's holistic approach to data center decommissioning

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The world's leading cloud service providers, data centre operators, and enterprises partner with Iron Mountain to unlock untapped potential and value from their outbound hardware. Learn more about our integrated approach that protects your data, maximises your financial returns and reduces environmental impact

May 23, 20236 mins
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Mitigate risk, maximize value and evolve your data center with the world's most secure, sustainable, and efficient decommissioning solutions.

One-stop shop decommissioning

Iron Mountain Secure ITAD.

Hardware decommissioning can put a significant burden on your data center. From operational strain and complex processes, to a lack of streamlined execution and the risk of a data breach, you need an expert partner to handle it all.

The world's leading cloud service providers, data center operators, and enterprises partner with Iron Mountain to unlock untapped potential and value from their outbound hardware. Our integrated approach protects your data, maximizes your financial returns and reduces environmental impact.

From deployment to decommissioning, our comprehensive expertise, technology, and services help you get the most out of the full lifecycle of your data center assets.

Secure, scalable, efficient: Iron Mountain is your single point of contact for end-to-end decommissioning.

Iron Mountain is your partner for:

  • Total, secure data destruction
  • Efficient certified decommissioning processes
  • Unmatched value recovery
  • E-waste and carbon reduction

Customized decommissioning solutions for your business

Designed in collaboration with the world's largest and most demanding data center operators, Iron Mountain offers efficient, secure, and scalable decommissioning services tailored to your unique needs.

No matter how large or varied your operational footprint is, Iron Mountain has the experience, physical resources, and global presence to handle it. We operate in the most complex environments all over the world across sites, co-location facilities, and small points of presence.

Our facilities have state-of-the-art security and are designed for maximum efficiency. Whether full racks or parallelized equipment, our specialized logistics chain offers the highest level of operational effectiveness.

The Iron Mountain advantage


Most efficient data center solutions on the planet, 7-10X faster end-to-end.


We provide a fully traceable audit trail for each serialized asset, from erasure to final disposition.

Solutions that fit

We customize processes to fit your precise requirements, with the flexibility to adjust for the most complex scenarios.

Data security

We fully erase 95%+ of drives— compared to the industry norm of 50%—and fully decommission 100%.

Bottom line

$1 billion+ generated for our clients from the resale of decommissioned assets.

Increase speed and operational efficiency

No matter the challenge or the number of assets, our proprietary data erasure software, Teraware, provides a fast and complete solution to every data sanitization challenge. With complete data destruction in 1-2 days, we deliver the world’s most efficient onsite decommissioning solution.

Our hyperscale expertise enables us to optimize processes and logistics to solve your most complex decommissioning needs without disrupting your business.

With Iron Mountain, you can expect:

  • Fully transparent, scalable data erasure services
  • 95% data erasure yield in one to two days
  • Streamlined physical removal and logistics

maximize returns, minimize risks.

Let our experts help you maximize your financial returns through the resale of decommissioned assets.

Iron Mountain continuously develops leading edge strategies to sell assets at scale and deliver the maximum ROI to our clients.

Iron Mountain is the world’s # 1 reseller of hyperscale data center hardware.

maximize your bottom line with returns that are higher than what our competitors can offer.

As a one-stop-shop for the entire hardware asset lifecycle, Iron Mountain:

  • Recertifies, reconfigures, and resells full systems
  • Remanufactures memory
  • Sells components

By partnering with Iron Mountain, you can:

Eliminate risk & maximize financial returns with Iron Mountain

To meet tomorrow’s demands, you need to scale faster than ever before. Let Iron Mountain customize a decommissioning solution that removes the operational burden and helps you maximize the lifetime value of your assets.

  • Achieve maximum security ensured via ADISA data sanitization certifications and Iron Mountain’s end-to-end audit trail.
  • Increase operational efficiency with Iron Mountain’s turnkey processes and logistics.
  • Yield higher value recovery with a completely rearchitected data center asset lifecycle