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Plug and Protect Vault, part of Iron Mountain Server Backup, powered by Seagate, gives you a complete on-premises backup and recovery solution.

April 28, 20156 mins
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Business Challenge

For today’s business organizations, buying components separately and creating an internal backup and recovery solution can be a painfully confusing and time-consuming process. Companies are constantly searching for ways to deploy a best-practice data protection solution quickly and economically.

What If You Could...

  • Employ an all-in-one backup and recovery appliance with pre-configured hardware, software, and storage?
  • Implement data protection with a fast, award-winning solution?
  • Leverage end-to-end techniques to ensure optimal performance?
  • Scale your data protection plan to grow with your business?

Plug And Protect Vault

Plug and Protect Vault, part of Iron Mountain Server Backup, powered by Seagate, gives you an easy method of sourcing a complete on-premises backup and recovery solution. Plug and Protect’s single package saves you time — offering procurement, setup, configuration, and deployment — and, once the appliance is installed, Iron Mountain can handle all your hardware and software support needs. All Plug and Protect configurations include unlimited agents to protect virtually all platforms and applications. These include Microsoft® Windows, Linux®, Sun Solaris®, IBM® AIX, IBM i, VMware®, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Cluster Services, and Oracle® databases.

In addition, the Plug and Protect Vault is built from the ground up as a true, disk-based backup and recovery product. The software uses an arsenal of end-to-end performance optimization techniques—such as adaptive compression, bandwidth throttling, and perfectly balanced client-side and back-end deduplication—to accelerate backups, minimize network chatter, and limit the storage footprint. Plug and Protect also wraps three layers of security around your data. The data is encrypted before it ever leaves the protected machine, and can then be transmitted using the SSL protocol. Finally, all data is stored in its encrypted state once it’s in the offsite vault.

Plug and Protect also delivers fast, local restorations. Add replication software for offsite disaster protection and you’ll be cloud-connected, with a fully redundant architecture for fail-proof recovery. It’s the best way to protect data in a distributed environment.

You can also deploy Plug and Protect for a unified solution that can quickly, painlessly, and completely recover a system after catastrophic failure. The restoration software offers an advanced bare metal recovery technology that can restore an entire device in a single pass, thereby eliminating the need for multiple backups and dramatically reducing downtime. It takes just a few minutes to initiate recovery of a system onto similar hardware, dissimilar hardware, or virtual machine.

What’s more, as your data grows, you can easily expand your storage space right along with it. In fact, a single Plug and Protect appliance can store as much as 50 TB of protected data, saving you valuable space in your data center. With unlimited agent licensing included in every appliance, you won’t have to purchase backup licenses when you deploy new servers. Many models even come pre-populated with additional hard drives. Expanding the appliance capacity can be as simple as upgrading your license.

What You Gain

  • An all-in-one appliance that gets you up and running fast
  • An efficient disk-based data protection on a tried-and-true platform
  • Easy scalability that accommodates data growth without large capital expenditures
  • A single vendor to handle all your hardware and software support needs, built from best practices by data protection experts


Each Plug and Protect Vault configuration includes the following:

  • Server Backup Director Software — software that authenticates, accepts, stores, and manages backup data
  • Server Backup CenterControl — an easy-to-use console for management of all your backups, as well as fast point-and

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