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April 3, 20246 mins
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Emerging compliance requirements, the competitive value of information, and the importance of privacy have raised the bar on what organizations must do to protect information.

From the everyday to the extraordinary, you can rely on Iron Mountain to store your information and assets. With Iron Mountain, you’ll benefit from industry best-practice processes and workflows, to ensure your information is securely protected, and available when you need it.

Whether your information is being sent to an Iron Mountain facility, retrieved per your request or prepared for archival destruction, there is a secure workflow in place.

Securely prepare your information

Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can advance your Records and Information Management program, enabling you to monitor compliance and track your assets throughout their lifecycle. By integrating automation and technology, you can better manage and control your program and support Information Governance.

All cartons sent to Iron Mountain storage facilities require an Iron Mountain RFID label. RFID technology can be applied in three ways:

  • You can use an Iron Mountain RFID-ready carton, which has with a pre-applied Iron Mountain RFID label.
  • You can apply an Iron Mountain RFID label to an Iron Mountain carton.
  • You can apply an Iron Mountain RFID label to an approved third-party storage carton.

As you send, retrieve, or destroy information with Iron Mountain, you can use Iron Mountain RFID technology to audit your inventory quickly and repeatedly. Best practices indicate that you should audit your inventory at least twice a year. Iron Mountain employees can also apply RFID labels to all your existing inventory, making your audit faster and more cost-effective as you reduce the resources required.

Auditable chain- of-custody

Iron Mountain facilities are governed by strict, industry leading chain-of- custody procedures. Our proven workflows and technology enabled tagging means you’ll have complete visibility and control over your inventory at all times.

Incoming workflow

Using Iron Mountain Connect, your online hub, you can easily schedule your cartons for pickup. A driver will arrive at your location on the scheduled date and time to pick up your cartons.

As part of Iron Mountain’s process, drivers scan barcodes at every step, collecting the tracking number and details on your cartons to verify proper tracking throughout the entire workflow. If you used Iron Mountain ConnectTM to schedule your pick-up, you can choose to receive an email verification that your records arrived at the designated Iron Mountain facility and are safely stored. You can also securely track the status of your order online via Iron Mountain Connect at any time throughout the order process.

Triple check workflow

Your cartons are scanned:

  • At pick-up location
  • When they are dropped off at the Iron Mountain Records Facility
  • At the assets’ designated shelf location

Each scan is validated against the previous scan to ensure accuracy. Like all checks and balances, this process redundancy protects the security and chain of custody of your cartons.

Data entry validation

Iron Mountain validates that all new cartons are received with descriptive details so you know what each carton contains and can reference this data when you need to access your information quickly. You can input this description through Iron Mountain ConnectTM to ensure quality inventory control.

The Iron Mountain® Mobile app helps you stay up to date. With this app, you can place pickup orders, request digital access to files through Image On DemandTM and receive notifications about your orders from your smartphone or tablet.

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