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With Iron Mountain secure shredding, you get the resources and proven expertise you'll need to create, implement and monitor a comprehensive information destruction program that is convenient, compliant, cost effective and sustainable.

October 12, 20186 mins
Secure Shredding Solution Brief - Man Standing | Iron Mountain


Though you understand how important protecting information is to the well-being of your company and its employees and customers, all too often, there is one critical point where security is an afterthought: information destruction. If your program lacks the proper controls, you may run the risk of compromising the security of sensitive information, adding to your administrative burden and increasing costs.

And when you lack insight into the current state of your information destruction program, it’s nearly impossible to effectively manage it — let alone gauge your usage, manage schedules and meet your sustainability commitments. Likewise, if you can’t prove if and when specific information was destroyed, you run the risk of facing the penalties associated with failed audits and compliance reviews.

What if you could...

  • Enhance your information destruction program so you know exactly which documents need to be destroyed?
  • Gain tighter control over your processes and align them with your unique organizational needs and sustainability commitments?
  • Remain in compliance with pertinent regulations governing information destruction?

Manage with confidence

With Iron Mountain Secure Shredding, you get the resources and proven expertise you'll need to create, implement and monitor a comprehensive information destruction program that is convenient, compliant, cost effective and sustainable. By leveraging our destruction best practices, you'll be able to:

  • Know what to shred and when. Be confident that you're destroying the right information at the right time - every time.
  • Control your flow. Gain the insights needed to make sound decisions about all aspects of your shredding program, including usage, costs and service frequency.
  • Create a defensible program. Ensure your disposal practices can stand up to the scrutiny of auditors and regulatory bodies.

Onsite and offsite shredding

With Iron Mountain Secure Shredding, you'll be able to leverage Onsite and Offsite Shredding services that are available on an ongoing or project-by project basis, giving you the flexibility to tailor information disposal to your business needs. And during the entire process - from pick up at your site to final destruction - you can rest assured knowing that our InControl® tracking solution will help safeguard your information following a firm, auditable chain-of-custody.

What you gain...

  • The peace of mind that you are shredding everything that's eligible for destruction
  • The visibility required to understand and optimize every aspect of your program
  • The confidence that you are disposing of information in a way that complies with pertinent regulations and industry standards

Online management tools

You’ll have a host of informative reports — covering everything from finances to usage to sustainability contributions — right at your fingertips, giving you the visibility needed to optimize your disposal processes. You’ll be able to manage your program via centralized Online Management Tools that provide around-the-clock access to resources specific to your disposal needs. In addition, you can monitor container utilization history, review and update service schedules, request additional service, upload policy documentation and view certificates of destruction.

Expert consulting

Furthermore, you can rely on our Expert Consulting to help you develop, enhance and implement your program, and keep it tightly aligned with your business needs well into the future. Our experts are well versed in a wide array of destruction guidelines, including National Association for Information Destruction (NAID from i-Sigma) standards, and will help you maintain compliance with evolving state, federal and industry regulations.

Customer success

A regional U.S. financial institution with almost 2,000 locations across multiple states was relying on numerous vendors for its information disposal needs, leading to a lack of standardization and increasing the risk that confidential information could fall into the wrong hands. With Iron Mountain Secure Shredding, the bank was able to standardize destruction with a single vendor and build an integrated program that reduced risk and carried forward its commitment to ecological stewardship.

The results:

  • Protected confidential customer information
  • Saved money while increasing consistency
  • Improved sustainability contributions